Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Mini-Review: The Endless Trials Of Tabitha Baird by Arabella Weir

Publisher: Hot Key Books
Publication Date:  April 2015
Source: Review Copy from publisher
Series: Second in series 

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'Witty, wise and wonderful ...such fun!' - Miranda Hart on TABITHA BAIRD Frank and fabulous - Arabella Weir on tricky teen life in the hilarious follow up to THE RISE AND RISE OF TABITHA BAIRD.

Tabitha Baird and her friends Emz and Aisha reckon they're the coolest, most popular girls in their year. But they have a rival in new girl, Alexandra. She's a seriously scary Goth who quickly attracts a following - and she doesn't like Tab at all!

That's only the start of Tab's problems. Basil, Gran's beloved dog, races off and Tab catches him with Sam's dog Fifi. There's absolutely no doubt who the father is when Fifi's puppies are born two months later - and Gran wants custody!

Then Tabitha's mum is offered a job because of her blog about life with a teenage daughter. She only had about two followers before, but not any more! To top it all, Mum's got a new boyfriend. He might be OK if Tab could only see beyond his huge, thick beard ...

Thank you to Hot Key Books for sending me a copy of this novel in exchange for a review. 

After finishing the first novel in this series, The Rise and Rise Of Tabitha Baird, in December of last year, I really wanted to read more of this cute and fluffy series. 

In this novel Tabitha goes through a puppy custody battle, her mum dating, friend drama and the arrival of a new "too cool for school" girl. 

My favourite aspect of the novel was probably the puppy custody battle as it something so crazy and odd that it is so typical of Tabitha's gran, who is my favourite character in the series. I love how kooky and quirky she is and how comfortable she is in her un-usualness! 

Another thing I loved was the relationship between Tabitha and Sam, who is the good looking dog walker she encountered in the first novel. Sam is kind and seems really interested in Tabitha in this novel. I liked how sweet he was and hope he and Tabitha end up together in the end. 

I liked the France protest that Tabitha had as well,even if it was solely for the cause she was doing it and more to prove a point to the new girl. I love Tabitha's relationship with her friends. Another great part was the "pee" scene with Luke!

The writing style is great. I love Arabella's diary entry style writing that the reader is drawn in by. I love the descriptions of friendship at that age that we can all relate to and the over the top dramatic reactions Tabitha has to everything is so entertaining. 

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