Thursday, 20 September 2012

Emily The Strange; Stranger and Stranger

Pages- 263

Time To Read- 3 days

Source: Kindle

Emily is . . .

1. A mad scientist
2. A cat lover
3. A mural painter
4. A golem builder
5. A virtuo-spastic guitarist
6. A wicked skater
7. A wily troublemaker
8. A poltergeist tamer
9. A mystery solver
10. A master prankster
11. An eXtreme procrastinator
12. A happy loner
13. A unique individual

. . . and now there are two of her.

My Review:
Ahhh, to be back among Emily and her strangeness. Okay, so 13 things I liked about this book;

1) Two Emily's ! It sounded so awesome in the beginning but the whole "Evil twin" thing is so obvious yet entertaining.
2) Love all the names of the towns, like  Blandindull !
3) I love the way Emily randomly says something like "Raven is in a golem parade" (Note To Self: Golem Parade... awesome name for band!) Its so awesome.
4) I love her mad art skills and the photos of her sewer mural! She is super talented.
5) I love her inventions and... is it just me or does she never go to school? I suppose she is too smart for a public school..
6) I loved reading the evilness of the OtherMe although I did get a bit confused when they switched diary's :S
7) I love how Raven takes orders the wrong way and makes everyone fall in love with her xD
8) I love the Gothic and strangeness of the book, they are perfect Halloween reads !
9) I love the illustrations and cover art, they really tie in well with the plot and premise of the novels.
10) Great Aunt Milly! She basically saved Emily and is just awesome
11) Having an ex-spy for a neighbour who agrees to train you for free?! Woah
12) Binary Larry... I mean Binary! Hilarious. Loved him as soon as I heard his name xD

Only thing I disliked;
13) The ending. I felt it was too abrupt and kind of made this book lose a star. It was so sudden and I kind of hoped she could've stayed in that town and made friends with Binary Larry. Oh well.

Rating :
Four stars
* * * *

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