Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Walking Dead S3. E01

  • Okay-- again, If you have not watched this episode, do not read this.
  • So, the episode starts off with the gang clearing a house of walkers so that they can stay there. But their stay is short lived. We see that they are under Rick strict leadership and are now a tight group.
  • Everyone is so much older. Carl is now a teenager and we see he has a crush on Herhels youngest daughter, Beth.
  • The relationship between Lori and Rick is very rocky to say the least. Although I understand it from Ricks perspective, wife has an affair with your best friend, convinces you to murder him and then tells you she may be pregnant with Shanes baby! I mean, C'mon that is enough to make any guy nuts!
  • Even though I am on Ricks side, I do feel a little sorry for Lori. I am glad she has buddied up with Carol though.
  • I can see a little "romance" forming between Carol and Daryl! They had a little flirty moment while on the bus before eating. I think its nice the way Daryl always looks out for her as they both do not have any family left.
  • The prison is such a good place for them to live and be relitivley safe.
  • I thought hershel was so funny looking in this episode. He looked like Santa Clause or something!
  • I was so frightened when Hershel got bitten by the walker! Then the whole amputation scene was just horrific. As were the armored Zombies!
  • Can  I also say how badass Michonne is! And why was she not featured in the episode more!?! :( Michonne & Daryl are my favourite characters :D
  • It was so funny when the other people in the prison just popped up during the amputation! xD
  • Cannot wait for the next episode! What did you think of this episode? Share your thoughts and opions in the comments below!

See? Hershel does look like Santa!

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