Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013- New Year Resolutions

Hey guys. So New Year, New Resolutions, yes? I usually don't make any but I thought this year I would make some blogging/ bookish ones. Here they are:

  • Try to read more classics. I only read 3 classic books outside school in 2012. I think I should read more of them as some of them are really good. Also with John Greens crashcourse on The Great Gatsby, I think that would help me understand the novel more.
  • Try to complete the A-Z challenge. Many book bloggers and booktubers have done this and I think this looked like fun.
  • Try to finish or catch-up on all the series I am currently reading...which is a lot. (I think I may do a post on all the book series' I have to catch up on).
  • Try to re-read some of my books. Apart from the Harry Potter books, I never re-read any of the books on my shelf. I think I would really enjoy re-reading books such as The Georgia Nicholson series and Catching Fire before the movie release.
  • I have to read all the book on the TBR physical book shelf. So many books!
  • I must finish The Book Thief and Game Of Thrones.
  • Try to read more stand alone novels. I am always drawn to series', and I think this is because I love learning about the characters over a long period of time and developing a stronger relationship with them then I would if it was only a stand alone.
  • Also, try to read Warm Bodies, Beautiful Creatures, The Great Gatsby before their Movie adaptations are released.
That is all my resolutions for the new ear of 2013. Did you make any resolutions? Link or comment below and I'll check them out! Happy New Year !


  1. Great resolutions!
    I'm doing the A-Z challenge this year too. It would be great to see how your going with it, so keep us posted on your progress :)

    Happy New Year.

    1. I will Elle ! Thanks for commenting and a happy new year to you too.