Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I Thought I'd Like MORE/LESS Than I Did

Top Ten Tuesday is a book related meme created over at TheBrokeAndTheBookish. This weeks theme is book that you presumed to like more or less than you did when you finished reading them. I think I'll do this post starting off with 5 I didn't like as much as I expected to and 5 I liked more.

Didn't Like as much:

Reason for Night World- I loved the Vampire Diaries and when I seen it was by the same author I thought I would like it. The story lines were boring and the writing was a little bland.
Reason for Sisters Red- the story felt a little predictable for me and the characters didn't feel like anything new.

 Reason for disliking Cloud Atlas- The story felt very non linear for me. When I was reading it I felt like I was in a constant state of confusion as the characters and their many different story lines were not that defined for me. I also didn't like the writing style.

Reason for disliking The Red Pony more than I thought I would have-
I felt the story was very boring. There was no fast paced scenes or climax at the end. At the end I felt almost that the author had just put down his pen and went "Ah I'm bored, I'll just end it now" .

Reason for not liking And By The Way as much as I thought I would've- I had heard months of hype about this book before I picked it up and because of that I went into the novel with expectations of a good story. For me the novel felt a little cliche and predictable, very reminiscent of other novels I had read when I was in my early teens.

Books I liked more than I thought: 

Reason for liking The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness more than expected- When I began the book I really didn't think I would like it because of the way it is written. After continuing with the novel I began to get used to the book and the authors unique writing style.
(Review here)

Reason for liking A Game Of Thrones more- I had heard so much hype about this novel that it put me off of it for a while. I was very much intimidated by the size of the novel and by the many characters and plot lines that I thought I would get lost / confused when reading the book but I didn't. I loved the book and it became a favorite. (Review Here).

Reason for liking The Angel Experiment more than expected- When I first began the novel, the short chapters were something that I found irritating at first. I thought I wouldn't like the book and I had never heard anyone talk about it before. Despite this I loved the book. It is one of my all time favorite novel series. (Review Here)
Reason for liking The Fault In our Stars more- I did think I would like TFIOS but not love it, as I did. I had read Paper Towns and Looking For Alaska before this and I did enjoy them but I didn't love them. I have also read many books about teenagers with cancer and didn't expect this to be very different. I was proved wrong on all accounts. This novel is amazing, a fast favourite. It also made me appreciate John Greens writing more and I liked his previous books more on the second re-read. His writing was flawless and this book was very different from the other Cancer books I'd read in the past. (Review Here)
Reason for liking the Perks Of Being A Wallflower more than expected- I had heard a lot of hype about this novel, good and bad. I didn't go into it expecting much more than a coming of age story. The novel blew me away within the first 50 pages. It is such a vivid novel and it is one of my favorites. (Review Here)


  1. Ahh I have Perks of Being A Wallflower on my list as well! And I'm a huge fan of the Chaos Walking series by Patrick Ness and The Fault in Our Stars!! And Game of Thrones = Amazing!!

    I read Sisters Red and while I liked it I did feel it could have given a little bit more.

    Here's my Top Ten

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    1. Thanks for the link to your TTT and following me! Yeah Sisters Red really disappointed me :(

  2. I loved A Game of Thrones, The Knife of Never Letting Go and The Fault in Our Stars, too! :) I never expected to get completely hooked on the Song of Ice and Fire series, though!

    1. Yeah me neither, but I'm so glad I did. I really need to read A Clash Of Kings !

  3. Great list! I’ll have to check the "good" one out.

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    1. Thanks so much for following Jessica and thanks for the link to your TTT ! :)

  4. I never really connected with the characters in Sisters Red and wussed out 1/3rd of the way through.

    1. Yeah I didn't like the characters either. They were a bit bland. Well thats okay, no need to waste time reading a novel you don't like !