Thursday, 8 August 2013

Review: Indigo Blue by Cathy Cassidy


Indigo's mum has had it with her boyfriend, and has moved her girls out of their cozy home and into "the flat from hell." Indie is not about to show anyone how it really feels, especially not her best friend, Jo. But the truth is, the neighborhood is bad, the heat's useless, and there's little to eat. It's hard for Indie to ignore such a drastic change—but with a little sister who's too small to understand and a mum who's feeling desperate, Indie is the one who's got to take charge.

My Review: 

This book was pushed and shoved at me (recommended) to read by my younger sister for quite a while. We're both big fans of Cathy Cassidy and especially love her The Chocolate Box Girls Series. 

This is one of the first books that Cathy Cassidy ever wrote and it's very obvious to see just how much her writing has progressed and changed over the years. The writing style of the book was good but a little bland. I felt that everything was a little sugar coated and would've liked some more in depth descriptions of the more dark details that Indigo and her sister face. I thought it was very brave of Cassidy to tackle the subjects of Domestic Abuse, homelessness and poverty in this children's book. 

The plot of the book was good but not great. It was very easy to tell that the book was aimed at much younger children. I have read so many books similar to this plot that it did not read like it was anything unique. I still enjoyed the twists and turns of the book but it did not grip me. 

The characters of the book were good. Indigo was a very smart, brave and mature girl for her age. She was capable in stressful situations and was able to keep a level head. I sometimes forgot she was so young, only to be reminded when I read about her at school. I enjoyed her interactions with her mum, her friends and the other characters in the novel. The ending of the book was very good and I felt it was a good way to wrap up the story. 


Three Stars 

*  *   *

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