Tuesday, 26 April 2016

How To Read More Often

One of the things I feel guilty about sometimes, as a blogger and book lover, is that sometimes I can not find the time to read often. 

Between spending time with your friends, doing assignments, going to college everyday and just general life getting in the way, you sometimes have very little time to sit down and enjoy reading! 

So I set out five tips to help you read more often when you are busy. 

1) Set out a designated reading time that you can stick to. It's difficult to fit reading in around college, work, social life and all the other things you have to do on a daily basis! If you designate a time of your day where you can settle down and read, you can read a little everyday. I usually read for about 30 minutes to an hour before bed. 

2) Bring a book with you. If you have a five minute break before a class or are meeting a friend who is running late, it is the perfect time to read a few pages. Lunch breaks are also good for catching up on some reading or blogging! 

3) Turn off your internet while you are reading. I know it is so hard to not check your twitter notifications when they pop up but if you ignore your social media while you're reading, you'll get so much more reading done! 

4) Try reading shorter books or books that you can read in one sitting. This will keep you focused on reading and also make reading feel like less of a chore.

5) Audiobooks are great for reading while multitasking. You can be listening to an audiobook and cooking or writing up a blog post! There are loads of sites where you can join up and have access to audiobooks, or there are a few free ones on YouTube! 

I hope you found these tips helpful in some way. This was a fun blog post to do and one I've been thinking of doing for a while. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I'm not sure how I manage it, but I often read while I'm outside walking! it does take some getting used to and is a bit crazy. But it can be done!

    1. Wow I wish I could do that! Thanks for commenting Kym

  2. I may sound really weird here but I always wake up about 15 minutes too early and then get ready for work. That way I always have 15 minutes to spare before I leave for work, so I dedicate it to reading!
    I've even walked to work whilst reading...however this is not advisable in the rain!

    1. I used to wake up early to read for 20 minutes before too! It is so nice to start the day off with a little reading.
      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Thanks for these tips! Although sometimes I find it hard, I like to set around 30 minutes before bed to read. I make it my goal to read at least one chapter everyday, no matter how tired I am, or what time it is. If I don't do this, my book can get neglected for the whole of the week! I really want to start listening to Audiobooks, though I'm not sure if I might get distracted while listening to them ♥

    Denise | The Bibliolater