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Review: Dead Ends by Erin Lange

This novel has many different covers, so I thought I would introduce you to all the ones I am aware of. Firstly is the edition I was sent , the blue Advanced Reader Copy UK edition, next is the US Hardback cover and lastly is the orange and gorgeously simplistic UK cover. 

| Publisher: Faber and Faber, Bloomsbury | Release Date: 03 September 2013 (US) February 2014 (UK) | Source: ARC Review Copy from Easons | 

Dane Washington is one suspension away from expulsion. In a high school full of “haves,” being a “have not” makes Dane feel like life is hurtling toward one big dead end. Billy D. spends his high school days in Special Ed and he’s not exactly a “have” himself.

 The biggest thing Billy’s missing? His dad. Billy is sure the riddles his father left in an atlas are really clues to finding him again and through a bizarre turn of events, he talks Dane into joining him on the search. 

A bully and a boy with Down syndrome makes for an unlikely friendship, but together, they work through the clues, leading to unmarked towns and secrets of the past. But they’re all dead ends. Until the final clue . . . and a secret Billy shouldn’t have been keeping. 
As a journalist, Erin Jade Lange is inspired by hot button issues like bullying, but it is her honest characters and breakneck plotting that make Dead Ends a must-read.


First of all, I'd like to say a big thank you to Easons for sending me a review copy. I really appreciated it. I also really like the cover of the arc copy but also the other covers are so pretty too. 

In March I read Erin Lange's debut novel Butter and really enjoyed it. I was so very excited to start reading Dead Ends to see how her second novel would compare to her first. I was pleasantly surprised by this novel, and I ended up liking Dead Ends more than Butter

As soon as I began to read the first page, I could feel myself slip into the sense of familarity I now have with Erin Lange's writing style. Her style of writing has perfect flow and style. She writes with such crisp, clear sentences that immediately draw you into the story. I also really enjoy her more descriptive style which emerges at points in the novel. I really enjoy her matter of fact writing style as it is so easy and fun to read. Her writing style definitely engages with the reader. Her dialogues are fun and quick, and sometimes humerous. 

The characters in this novel were great. Our protagonist is Dane, a bully with a violent streak. He is very much an act now think later kind of character. I really enjoyed reading about Dane's character, especially when we got access behind the violent fascade he has to see the more vulnerable caring boy beneath.I really enjoyed reading bout his home life with his mom and her lottery ticket habit. I loved reading his thoughts as I felt he gave insight into the story in a very interesting way. 

Billy D was possibly my favourite character of the novel. Billy D has down syndrome and is different than most of the other people in the novel. I loved loved loved Billy D's character. He was funny, smart and loyal. I enjoyed his relationship and friendship with Dane so much. I liked seeing their friendship build very slowly over the course of the novel. I also thought it was interesting to not how changed they were by each other at the end of the novel. 

Seely was also an interesting character. I loved her punky style with her short hair and skater girl look. She was a very unusual and quirky character. I liked her relationship with the boys. She was a really good friend to Billy D and her relationship with Dane was really heart warming. I liked that she was supportive and helpful for the boys mission but also acted as a voice of reason and a peace-maker at times too. 

The plot of the book was fantastic, there is no other way to describe it. I loved the whole mystery element it had right from the start. Both Billy D & Dane live with their mothers. Billy D enlists Dane's help to track down his father, and on the way Dane's father also. The friendship that stemmed from this was beautiful. I loved the way Billy D & Dane had to solve clues and riddles to help them get closer to finding Billy's father. I enjoyed this as it really brought the reader into the story as the reader could try and figure out the answer while reading.

 I felt that this aspect of the book was reminiscent of Paper Towns by John Green, if you enjoyed Paper Towns you'll love this book. 
Overall this novel was fantastic. The characters have a firm place in my heart now and I am eagerly awaiting any future work that Erin Lange releases. If you are looking for a great book with friendship, mystery, and the issue of disability then Dead Ends is the perfect read. It does get a little emotional at times but that just made me love the book even more. A perfect stand alone novel. Seriously an addicting read and a total page turner. It will capture your heart and you will not be able to stop talking about Dead Ends. 

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Five Star Novel 

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  1. So glad you enjoyed this one so much. I have it for review to read very soon and I'm really looking forward to it now! :)

  2. I'm so glad you liked it !! I picked this book up on a whom one day because I loved ' butter' by Erin Lange and now I'm glad I won't be disappointed !! :)