Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Review: Unstoppable by Liz Bankes

Publisher: Picadilly Press
Publication Date: July 1 2014
Source: Review Copy
Author Twitter: @Lizbankesauthor

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Rosie has managed to wangle spending the summer before uni in the same house as her boyfriend Cal – but who else should also be staying except for the infamous man-eater, Cleo.

Things between Cal and Rosie could never have been described as easy, but her growing jealousy seems like an unstoppable force. Can their love weather the storm?


A huge thank you to Picadilly Press for allowing me to read this novel in exchange for an honest review. Summer is a great time to read cute contemporary novels and if you're looking for a novel to pick up this summer, I highly recommend Unstoppable by Liz Bankes. 

The first thing I loved about this novel was the main character, Rosie. Rosie was a character you could find little things of yourself in. She is painfully awkward and shy and I think her social awkwardness is something most of us can relate to. She is a worrier, and constantly worries about how other perceive her. She is also kind, caring and thoughtful. I really loved reading the story from her point of view as she gave such a good voice to the story. 

I also really enjoyed the other characters, such as the housemates Arlo, Simon, Dan and Cleo, along with Rosie's friends back home; Gabi, Mia and Nish . These characters felt so real and really impacted on the story and the reader. I loved the sense of whimsical fun they provided to the story. 

The plot of the novel was predominantly relationship and friendship based. The main focus of the novel was the twists and turns of the relationship between out main character Rosie and her boyfriend Cal, who she had moved to Oxford to spend the summer with. I really enjoyed their relationship as they were so perfect for each other, although they had moments of trouble, they still were so very in love. I enjoyed some of the other relationships too, but most of all the lessening hostility and growing friendship between Rosie and Cleo. 

The writing style of the novel was great. Liz Bankes created such real and three dimensional characters in this novel that became so familiar to me by the end. I loved the way she threaded literary references throughout the book, from Matilda to repeated The Northern Lights series references. I also enjoyed the chapter length, as although they are quite short, it made quick sprints of reading very easy and enjoyable. 

Overall this book was just what I was looking for to kick off my summer reading. I fell in love with this book and could definitely see myself reading it again next summer. I highly recommend you get your hands on a copy of Unstoppable. I am going to try and read Irresistible very soon- so watch this space. 

Also, any contemporary / "perfect-for-summer" book? What are your favourites? Let me know your recommendations below! 


Five Stars 

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  1. Hurrah! so glad you enjoyed this one. I'm really looking forward to reading it as I've loved Liz Bankes' previous books...