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Review: The Rise and Rise Of Tabitha Baird by Arabella Weir

| Publication Date: October 2014  |
| Publisher: Picadilly Press |
| Source: Review Copy  |
| Series: 1st in new series, Sequel called "The Endless Trials of Tabitha Baird" .

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When 13-year-old Tabitha Baird starts at a new school, she's determined to be the coolest, most popular girl there - whatever it takes. She adjusts her school skirt so it's just the right length. She has enough attitude to make it into the in-crowd. She even gets the attention of the hottest guys. But it's not easy being uber-cool. 

No one must find out that her mum, brother and her have moved into her gran's house, so she tries to persuade Gran to pose as a house-keeper. And if anyone discovers her mum's blog - about her teenage daughter - it'll be the ultimate in social death.

Thank you to Picadilly Press for sending me a review copy of this novel. This was actually the final novel I read in 2014 and I am so sorry that this review is so late! At the time of finishig it I was studying for my first ever College (Uni) exams and was under a lot of presurre. Now that I am more relaxed at college, I have finally found the time to upload this review! 

This book is 100% adorable. The cover looks so great and matches up with the story so well. The quote from Miranda Hart on the front definitely drew me in. I am such a huge Miranda Hart fan! 

This book was a joy to read, full of funny and awkward scenes but also briefly dealing with some heavier topics such as alcoholism and Tabitha's parents separation. 

Tabitha was a joy. She was funny and over-the-top dramatic. Such a fun character to read about. I loved reading the story through her eyes as she made everything dramatic and exaggerated. I also liked that she was a caring friend and I think many people who read this novel will find her a relate-able character as they think back on what they were like at thirteen. 

Tabitha's family were so fun to read about. From Tabitha's mother whose blog embarrasses Tabitha, to Tabitha's little brother, Luke. I really enjoyed reading about Tabitha's family, but no one more than Tabitha's Gran. Tabitha's gran was hilarious and wholly entertaining. From knitting outfits and matching accessories for her westie dog, Basil, to putting on silly voices and pretending the dog could speak! 

I really enjoyed reading about Tabitha fitting into her new school full of people she's never met before and trying to fit into this new place . I really liked reading about her friendship with Aisha and Emz. This trio of cheeky and high spirited friends really reminded me of being that age. I also really enjoyed Tabitha's growing friendship with her other classmate Grace. 

This novel was a great read. I loved the theme of growing up, fitting in to a new school, making new friends and family. The author also has a more serious topic woven into the plot of the novel surrounding Tabitha's father, who no longer lives with the family because of his serious drinking problem and alcoholism. I thought that this was written well into the story, not overshadowing the plot and making the novel too dark for a younger teen reader. 

Overall an enjoyable, fun and light read. Arabella Weir writes characters so fun, fresh and vivid that they leap from the page. I would definitely recommend this to middle grade fans and younger teens. 

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