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Review: Picture Perfect (Geek Girl #3) by Holly Smale

 Publication Date: June 5 2014
Publisher: Harper Collins
Source:  Library book

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"My name is Harriet Manners, and I'll always be a geek."

It's the hilarious third book in the No.1 bestselling, award winning GEEK GIRL series!

Harriet Manners knows more facts that most. She knows that New York is the most populous city in the United States. She knows that its official motto is "Ever Upward". She knows that 28% of Americans believe we never landed on the moon.

But she knows nothing about modelling in the Big Apple, and how her family will cope with life stateside. Or how to "become a brand", as the models in New York put it. And, even more importantly, what to do when the big romantic gestures aren't coming from your boyfriend...

Does geek girl go too far this time?

The laugh out loud follow-up to award winning GEEK GIRL and MODEL MISFIT will have you in stitches.

This series is quickly becoming one of my favourites! Every novel fully engrosses me and gets me out of any reading slump I may be in.  Please check out my reviews on the other novels in the series if you have not already, they are listed above. 

So when we meet Harriet again in this novel, she as been out of the modelling world for a couple months. Harriet has gone back to her life of facts, parents, friends and normal life. Harriet is happy with her boyfriend, and life seems like it may be on the return to normal apart from one thing. Does Harriet miss the modelling world? 

I really loved this novel as the reader really gets to see Harriet grow from being somewhat immature to finally gaining more knowledge of the real world and becoming more considerate towards others. Harriet misses some aspects of her modelling career and I found some of the decisions she made to try and get back into the world of it to be naive and foolish but the consequences really did shape some character development for her. 

I loved reading about all my favourite characters in this series once more, from Wilbur the eccentric modelling agent, to Toby and Nat, and the love interest Nick who is the perfect boyfriend! Yet,  my favourite character in the novel by the end, had to be Annabel. Annabel is Harriet's Step-mum and she is a cool, organised business woman while also being the glue in the Manners household keeping everything ticking over. Annabel is such a loving parent to Harriet and caring wife. 

My favouite part of the novel was definitely the scene at the end with Annabel at the kitchen table, if you've read the book I think you will know what I'm talking about.  I also really enjoyed seeing the effect the new baby had on the household in this novel. 

The writing style and plot of the novel were, as usual, fantastically gripping, entertaining and laugh out loud funny. Holly Smale's writing style really draws in the reader as she breaks up chapters into short segments and breaks up large periods of reading text to include a list or whatever way Harriet has managed to compile her thoughts / plans.  The only aspect I felt could have been improved in the novel was the lack of modelling jobs in it, usually Harriet attends quite a few but then again that was under Yuka Ito so it can not be the same. 

Overall an incredible series for ages of 11+ and those looking to read something funny, entertaining and utterly memorable. This was the perfect way to kick off my summer reading after a couple months of college study and exams! 

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