Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Review: Nightfall by Jake Halpern & Peter Kujawinski

Publisher:  Hot Key Books
Publication Date: May 1st 2016
Source: Review copy

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Night is coming.

On Marin’s island, sunrise doesn’t come every twenty-four hours--it comes every twenty-eight years. Each sunset, the townspeople sail to the south, where they wait out the long Night. None of the adults will tell Marin, Kana, or their friend Line exactly what happens when they leave the island, but when the three are accidentally left behind in the gathering dusk, they learn the truth: at Night, their town belongs to others, and those others want them gone.

Fleeing through the now-alien landscape that used to be their home, the three confront shocking transformations and uncomfortable truths about themselves.  They are challenged to trust one another or perish. Marin, Kana, and Line must find their way off the island . . . before the Night finds them.

 Thank you to Hot Key Books for providing me with a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review. 

I had not heard anything about this novel before receiving it for review but once I'd read the blurb I was instantly interested in the concept. 

On this mysterious Island, twins Marin & Kana have lived their whole lives in the sun, until now when the 14 year cycle of night begins. With everyone set to evacuate the island, Marin & Kana end up left behind while searching for their lost friend Line. Then the night brings all sorts of problems and terrors their way. 

I was surprised by this novel. After a pretty slow start, the novel began to pick up pace and suck me in. I became really interested in the mystery of the island, why the cycle of 14 years happens and invested in finding out what happens to the characters. The plot was interesting, well written although a little slow in places. There was one or two incredible twists in the novel that I did not see coming at all which I really enjoyed as usually I can guess whats going to happen. 

The characters in this novel were a little meh for me. Although I was interested to see what was going to happen to them, I felt they were a little under-developed at times and there was so much potential for character building that we didn't really see apart from in Kana's character. Kana was the most interesting character with a lot of plot driven character development and growth. Line I found to be an interesting character at first  but as the novel went on I found him increasingly boring. Marin was a good character, moral, loyal and quick thinking at times but I didn't have any strong connection to her. 

The writing stlye of the novel was good, short chapters which I love!The authors did a great job of creating a novel full of suspense and survival that keeps the reading turning pages until the end. The ending was pretty anti climatic for me and I wish some of the vague parts of the plot were cleared up but still enjoyed the novel. 

 I also loved the map at the beginning of the novel - who doesn't love a good map in a book?!

I enjoyed the novel overall but was not blown away. I would still recommend this for fans of The Maze Runner or Level 2 by Lenore Applehans.

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