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Ginger Snaps by Cathy Cassidy

Ginger Snaps by Cathy Cassidy

Time To Read: 1 Day

Pages: 229


Is Ginger's best friend really her biggest rival?

'You can make a wish come true, if you're determined . . .'
Gone are the days when Ginger was an outsider, always on the fringes of friendship. She's swapped puppy fat and pigtails for make-up and hair straighteners and never looked back - until now. Ginger and Shannon are best mates, but when they befriend lonely Emily, everything changes. Even the saxophone-playing boy in the trilby hat can't help - he's part of the problem. Are Ginger and Shannon drifting apart or can they stay best friends forever?

I really enjoyed the characters in this book. They were genuine and I really connected with them.
Ginger was a wonderful main character. She was insecure and shallow in the beginning of the book, most of this was due to the constant put-downs of her best friend Shannon. She learns to overcome her dark past and learns that some friends are not friends at all. She liked Sam and was constantly picked on by Shannon because of this. I was happy with the Character development of Ginger in this book. She was a  very realistic and lovable character.
Sam was an awesome hat wearing, saxophone playing boy who lived on a boat. He was so quirky and unique and wonderful all rolled into one. He was realistic and the perfect boy for Ginger. I loved their relationship.
Emily was a nice character, strong and sympathetic and smart. Great!
Shannon was a such a mean character, I hated her in the beginning and hated her so much more at the end. She was selfish and un-caring and unkind. She was also manipulative and loved being the centre of attention.

PLOT: 4/5
The plot was really good. The book was gripping, as you can tell I read it in one sitting! I liked the plot of the best friend duo and an outsider breaking up that duo. Always wondering if Shannon and Ginger will go back to the way they were before Emily, Or will the three of them all get along ? But like Ginger says, Three is a lonely number, always someone is left out. Ginger was the one being left out a lot and that was a think that could be relatable for alot of readers.
The plot of Sam and Ginger's relationship was so sweet and addicting. I loved reading about their relationship . Their special times and moments together were so sweet and adorable and just awesome to read! I loved the Fox moment <3 Great book !

Cathy Cassidy has the most beautiful, sweet writing style. I loved reading her books when I was twelve/ fourteen  because they were written so well. Cathy Cassidy creates such wonderful, realistic and believable characters that you fall in love with them. She creates such beautiful, lose yourself romances that are just so sweet. Her dialogue's are so sweet and witty and really add to the character building and your image of the character's. Her books are just so sweet. Any one ever try the recipes in them? They sound really Delicious!

a five star book
* * * * *

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