Thursday, 13 September 2012

BR: Jenny Q, Stitched Up by Pauline Mc Lynn


PAGES- 246

PLOT:  Right, here's how things are....
My mother is pregnant. I shizz you not. My mum will be going around with a bump for all to see that she's still, well, shagging.
Then there's Stevie Lee Bolton. Every time I see him I'm like a stunned goldfish, standing there with my mouth opening and closing.
So, between my embarrassing family and a certain Stevie Lee, how will I be ready for Teen Factor X? Not even my Friends about my secret obsession with becoming a star....

Ahhh. That warm and fuzzy feeling you get from reading a delightful, cute contemporary novel. This novel was very good. Also, I didn't know that Pauline Mc Lynn was Mrs Doyle from Father Ted. Yep, you heard! I also have another of her novels, The Woman On The Bus, which I can't wait to read, though my TBR pile is piling up....
I loved the characters in this book. The novel shows a very typical Irish family; a young, fun, mother, a father, an eccentric Grandparent, a typical teenage stroppy older brother and the protagonist, a 13 year old, stroppy teenage girl. The characters are so relatable in this story. They are very Irish and very fun to read about. Dixie, Dix, is a very bossy best friend, and we've all had a few of those. Dix is bossy but Jenny sometimes needs Dix to help her stay focused. Uggs is a funny character. He's best friends with the two girls and sometimes he seems to fit right in with them. But sometimes reading the story, I could feel that Uggs was beginning to have "more-than-friends" feelings for Jenny. I thought Dix, Jenny and Uggs were the cutest and most wonderful friends ever.
I loved the writing style of the novel. There were a few Irish sayings thrown into the novel, like "eejit", and I could really tell that an Irish person had written this book. I really enjoyed that as it felt as if I were reading something that I'd hear everyday. Pauline Mc Lynn has a very nice flow to her plot with perfect pacing which kept me interested all the way through the book. I loved the "Knit ' n ' Knatter" group they had, making and knitting things, it inspired me to take up knitting. I also loved the recipes for Bath Bombs and the instructions and knitting patterns in the back of the book. I also loved how the Slinkys were not all bad, or not as bad as they seemed in the beginning. This book was such a fun, light hearted, wonderful read. I think there is a second book in the works! Can't wait.

My Rating:
a Four Star Book
* * * *

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