Friday, 14 September 2012

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Sadie J;

So, as I was halfway through reading Jenny Q, stitched Up, I was channel surfing at my Grandads and stumbled upon this show. The show revolves around British children's television comedy-drama series about a 13-year-old girl (who later turns 14) who is described as "the only girl in a boys' world" because she is surrounded by her Dad (Steve Jenkins), his apprentice (Keith), her brother (Danny Jenkins), his best friend (Jake) and their dog (Roger). Source: Wikipedia
The hilarious show has become an after school favourite for me and my sis. I love Sadie J though she does sometimes lie herself into crazy situations. Here are some pictures from the show.:


So as you can see Sadie J is such a funny, entertaining programme.

Reasons To Watch Sadie J:
  • For the hilarious script. Sadie and Kit are always using funny teenage slang, like "faboosh". I love that as it reminds me of all the "fabnosity" of the Georgia Nicholson diaries.
  • The hilarious scenes that make you laugh out loud. Like in the picture above; Sadie: "say something" Kit; "Dramatic pause!" haha
  • Alfie Stewart. a down to earth essex boy who landed the role of Keith woods on the show. He's a fab actor and a wonderful public speaker, and pretty fit, what?. Look to youtube for his public speaking vids
  • The rival. So annoying and, well, Trog-faced is Trog-face chloe. She is always trying to get one over on Sadie J causing Sadie to embarress herself in one of her crazy schemes.
  • Dede and Kit. Two of the best friends.  Dede is super smart and Kit fashion savvy, what more could a thirteen year old girl want?
  • The supporting cast such as the brother and father. Both provide comic roles to the show.
  • The fashion. From Sadie J's to Kit's to Dede's . I love Sadies black and white top <3
  • The very talented young actors-

Sadie "J" Jenkins
Georgia Lock
Dede BaxterPriyanka Patel
Kit KarterRonan Carter
Danny JenkinsWill Nye
JakeBobby Fuller
ChloeRose Linton
Ms VMel Giedroyc
Steve JenkinsSteve Speirs
Catch Sadie J on Rte Two at 4:35 weekdays and on cbbc saturday morining.

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