Sunday, 21 October 2012

Downton Abbey S.3 E.06

  • Okay, so this weeks episode was not as amazing as last weeks episode, but it has left me with a lot to look forward to.
  • So, can I start off by saying that I feel it was wrong of the dowager to make the doctor lie to lady and lord grantham. It did bring them back together, which I think is good, but I still think lying to them is a bit low after all the grief they've been through.
  • Carson and Lord Grantham are so old fashioned that they are starting to bug me. Carson, Ethel has made some mistakes in her life and she regrets them. She is sorry and wants to move forward and start afresh. Is that not enough for you? And Lord Grantham, why did you have to make such a scene? It did not accomplish anything and just made you look like a fool.
  • I am starting to really dislike Lord Grantham, not even mentioning the affair he had, but why will he not listen to Matthew who is only trying to save Downton. I mean, honestly, he is the one who ran it into the ground and told Matthew he can now own half of it.
  • Does anyone else LOVE the bromance between Matthew and Tom ? There is my OTP right there!
  • I felt like screaming at the TV when Mrs Patmore said they were all in love with the wrong people. I was like "Hello?! YES!!!" Daisy & Arthur would be so cute together but he likes Ivy and Ivy likes James and James is just totally in love with himself !
  • Did I mention how much James is starting to piss me off? I mean seriously, does he not know that him being so self centred and in love with himself does not make him attractive in the lightest. Ugh, he is annoying me so much.I mean did he really have to swoop in and steal Daisy from Arthur when they were having such a cute moment?
  • I loved it so much when Carson complimented Arthur over James .
  • Sybil Jr, Awh. Branson should be able to christian the child if he wants. I mean, I'm sure he will be eventually moving back to Ireland with the baby at some point. I also have this horrible fear that Branson is going to leave and go back to Ireland and leave the baby with Mary & Matthew... Please let this not happen as my heart will break again!
  • Also I really like how Mary is starting to move away from her fathers ancient traditional views and is giving in to the change. Go Mary !
  • Can't wait for next week, Anna & Bates reunited... God I love them <3 One of my many OTP's of the show <3
  • I'll report back next week ! Good night Downton fans :)

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