Monday, 17 December 2012

Tv Talk [3] Merlin Season 1

 So I just finished watching the first series of Merlin and guys, why have I never watched this Tv show before? Seriously, It is awesome. The cast are brillant and I can't believe this is a kids show ! So many Feels!
Lets talk about Merlin. He is an average peasant boy who learns of his magic abilities and his new warlock status. He moves in with Gauis, a relative in Camelot a city that has outlawed the use of magic, who knows of magic. The series revolves around Merlin developing his skills and using them secretly to help Arthur and Camelot.

 Merlin and Gauis have such a beautiful relationship. Gauis once described Merlin as the son he never had. They get along really well as he tries to teach Merlin to control his magic and to mold him into a fine warlock.
 Arthur Pendragon- future king of Camelot. He and Merlin have gone through so much together. I remember he once travelled to save Merlins life and in the final episodes when Merlin had to do the same, I felt like their friendship became stronger because of that. I know that Athur likes to sometimes keep the social divisions and think he is a cut above Gwen and Merlin but at other times you see that he really would like for them to be his friends.
 Morgana was a character I felt conflicted about. When she decided to arrange the assasination of Uther I was not that angry at her. I knew where she was coming from and could see her anger. But when she talked with him at the graveside and saved him, I could see that although he is very tough on her, he does think of her as his daughter. I've heard rumours that she goes a little evil, so that could be interesting. I can't wait to see her develop her powers....will she tell merlin?
 Gwen is a lovely character. Pure of heart, honest and kind. At first I totally shipped her with Merlin, from the first episode, but since watching the finale I now feel she would be a better match for Arthur (I mean look how she cares for him in the picture!). She is a wonerful character and I also like her close relationship with Gaius.
This dragon, I'm sorry I don't know his name, is a character I'm frightened of. In the beginning he seemed nice and helpful toward Merlin. But then towards the end of the series, he began to become demanding of Merlin, angry and vicious. After the finale I cannot wait to see how Merlin will treat him now and what will happen with him...
The last two episodes....I was crying. How is this a kids show? So much emotions :')

Guys, I cannot wait for season 2 ! I will start watching it as soon as I have time because I'm in the middle of exams right now. If you like merlin, let me know! If you have a Merlin Tumblr, link it in the comments.

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