Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Favorite Book Covers Of Books I've Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book related meme created by MizB over at The Broke And the Bookish. I love doing this every week, it is a lot of fun! This weeks  theme is : Top Ten Favourite Book Covers I've read. This sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun !

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.

There are many things I love about this cover. Firstly the blue is gorgeous. Blue is one of my favourite colours and the blue on the cover of The Fault In Our Stars looks so good next to all the other books on my shelf.

I also love the simplicity of the cover. For a book that is so important and has impacted on the lives of many readers worldwide, the cover does not give a hint of this. It is so simple and beautiful.

I also like the "Chalk / Crayon" effect the title and author text have been given on the cover.
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2. The Hobbit by J.RR Tolkein.  

You can tell almost immediately that this novel is off the science fiction, fantasy genre.
I love the colours of the cover, the blue, black, green and white all make it look appealing.
I love the illustrations of the cover. The mountains and the moon and the birds all really draw in the reader.

I also really like the elvish text around the outside and the font in which the title is written. Overall, a beautiful book !

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3. The Luxe Series by Anna Godberson .

I know , I know "not another girl-in-a-fancy-dress cover !!"

I know that so many book bloggers hate covers like these, and so do I, but I feel that this book, and the next one I will show you are the exceptions to the rule.

I feel this works as it is a period novel and therefore would be totally wrong if she were not in her usual clothing.
I love the dress on the cover and feel that both the dress and the model  were perfect for Elizabeth.

I also love the callipraphy of the title text on the cover!
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4. The Selection by Kiera Cass

This is also similar to the above.  Yes a girl in a dress.

This one also works for me as it is set in a royal castle where it would be expected of them to dress like this. I think the blue of the dress really makes the cover stand out.
I also really like the pose of the model. Her face is half hidden which implies a mysterious element to the novel.

I also really think the pink in the background also makes the book stand out and appeals to the female reader.
The model is also quite striking and her red hair is so beautiful.
The title text of the novel is lovely, the font is elegant and the tiara above the "selection" is so well drawn.
Overall, Lovely cover.
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5. Dash & Lily's Book Of Dares by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan

I really am in love with this cover. It is really christmas-y with the snow gently falling on the cover.

I really like the road signs telling the title of the novel and the authors names at the bottom. And the heart if the street walking light is adorable!

I love the street angle and it makes the cover look really romantic.

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6.  Butter by Erin Lange. 

This cover is SO BRIGHT !

This is the only book I've read where the entire cover is yellow. Yellow is an unusual book for YA, as we usually get novels with black covers, so this was a welcome change.

The bright yellow of the cover would convey happiness but it is not a very happy book . I like this as you are surprised.

I  really like the block font of the title and the illustration of Butter himself, with quite a round stomach.

This cover is just 100 % beautiful .

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7. The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson.

This cover is so pretty.

The font of the title in the scrawl font make the book look really relaxed and not as uniform as other covers.

The cloud background is so pretty and makes the book look like a summer read.

The cover of this book is one of my favourites .

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8. Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendare Blake 

I love love love this cover.

I feel like the cover really captures the eerie side of the novel.

I love the use of the different tones of grey in the cover.

I also love the splash of colour in terms of the red leaves blowing in the wind and her jet-black hair blowing to one side.

The slight glow behind the text also adds to the eerie and creepy side to the novel.

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9. Jenny Q, Stitched Up by Pauline Mc Lynn

This cover is adorable!

I am really into knitting and unusual book covers, so this book gives me the best of both!

I love the way the cover is designed to look like the front of a knitted jumper, it is so unusual.

I also think the way the font was done in stitching and sequins design really adds to the quirky cover.

I really love this cover.

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10.  A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. 

This cover is so spooky.

I really like the way it is done using charcoals and chalk, to give the smokey, eerie, misty feeling to the cover that is seen in the story itself.

I also like the picture of the moster heading in the direction of the small country house with lights on.

The title text is plain white and doesn't take away from the cover.

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  1. Yellow is my favourite colour... so I best check out 'Butter'!

    1. The cover is beautiful as is the story, heart-breaking, but beautiful <3

      Thanks for commenting !


    1. ME TOO !
      Thanks Maya for commenting!

  3. Such a pretty list! I love the look of Butter! Great cover.

    1. Thanks! Yes it is so interesting and very different. Thanks for commenting :)

  4. These are all lovely! I just recently read 'A Monster Calls' and loved the artwork. :)
    Stacy Renee @ LazyDayLiterature

    1. The artwork in it is AMAZING. And the story is great too :)

  5. That's an interesting cover for BUTTER. It must have been a really hard book to illustrate in a single image, you know?

    1. Yes, especially when its topic is such a dark and sad one.

  6. I am just reading The Selection, loooove the cover! :)

    My TTT

  7. The Hobbit is on my list too.

    YA covers tend to be really beautiful.

  8. I love the Hobbit's cover!! Can't believe I forgot it on my list!!! Love Dash and Lily's Book of Dares too!!! Cool List!!!!
    My TTT

  9. Anna made my list too. I love A Monster Call' s cover. And I love both of the "dress" books! Great list!