Wednesday, 19 June 2013

TV TALK : Pretty Little Liars S04 E02

So, here's a new topic for my blog: Tv Talk ! I've always loved watching Tv shows  and discussing them with my friends so I thought I would combine it with blogging and blog about my favourite Tv Shows. 

I tried to do this a while ago but lost motivation. I love Pretty Little Liars so I thought I'd review and talk about the latest episode with you guys. Sorry I didn't do this from the first episode of the new series. If you haven't seen both episodes of Season 4 so far, you probably should not read this TV TALK post. 

Re-Cap / Discussion: 

  • Can I first off say that I had no idea that Mona's creepy lair was in a caravan / R.V ! How did I not realise this? I kind of assumed it was in a basement or something... 
  • I felt a little bad for Mona when they go to the lot and see the RV is gone. Its not even that I want her to be friends with the girls as I am still unsure if they should trust her yet. I think they need Mona around  for information on A's strategys. 
  • I think that the show is making it out to be obvious that Ashley, Hannah's mom, had some role in Wildons death. If there's one thing I've learned it is that when something seems so obvious, it is most likely not true... Maybe Ashley was sent those shoes with a threatening note and that is why she is so desperate to be rid of them
  • I am starting to find Aria's story lines to be a little predictable. At first when she went to the Martial Arts centre, I was so excited to see Holden return as I really shipped them together. 
  • I was not surprised when Aria kissed the instructor. I kind of rolled my eyes as it is an obvious move for Aria - handsome older man equals Aria acting like an idiot and being all over them . 
  • When he called to her house later, she was in the same clothes from the training earlier. I thought that he must be thinking that it was gross for her to get all sweaty from the workout and not change..ew. 
  • I thought Jake seemed like a really sweet character... but in this show, no one is how they appear at first glance...
  • It was so funny when Jake asked her out and said something like "Isn't the student / teacher relationship going to be a little awkward?". Oh Jake if only you knew how right you are !!  
  • I thought the Parrot was so creepy. I didn't think it sounded much like a number so that was a surprise. 
  • Did anyone else think Alison is so odd when she pulled that stunt with her Mom at the restaurant ? She was going to hold her breathe until she passed out until her Mom said she could have friends sleep over at the beach house... I sometimes don't even know why she was friends with the Liars because she is so odd and selfish. 
  • I really love Paige and Emily <3 They're so cute together. I knew something bad was going to happen when Emily took he medicine before the game. I'm no sport expert but I don't think drowsy medicine is the best thing to take before a swim competition. 
  • I teared up during Toby and Spencer reading from the conversation script from the day of Tobys mothers suicide. Poor Toby :( 
  • The A scene at the end was weird...why try to feed a bird a cooked sick :L 

Possible Theories :

  • Here’s a little something to think about:~ A PIG was in the trunk in S04 Ep01.~ Paige’s nickname is PIGskin. Coincidence? I think not.

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