Thursday, 20 June 2013

Tv Talk: Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 03 "Fireflies"

The same as I said for PLL Season 4, I really wish I had started TV Talk from the beginning of the Teen Wolf series. I recently caught up on the series and I'm totally hooked to the show now. I love the show and the characters. I've high hopes for this season . 

Re-Cap / Discussion: 

  • Before I talk about the latest episode can I just comment on the new intro for this season. I really like it. I like the way Scott rises out of the ground and his and Derek's tattoos being in the intro shows one of their similarities. I like that they kept the body paint also. 
  • Lydia has such an amazing wardrobe. Her green coat in this episode was so gorgeous, especially with her gorgeous red hair. 
I know she looks a little scared but look at that beautiful coat! 
  • The bit at the beginning with Boyd trying to kill the little children was terrifying...good thing hero Scott was there to save them.!
  • For some reason I didn't really believe that Erica was dead...but it was confirmed in the flash back and now I'm really sad. Oh, when Derek cried while carrying her body, I could hardly take the feels.
  • I loved the awkward car conversation between Isaac and Derek about Dereks sister! It was so funny. 
  • I also liked that Mr Argent could work together with Isaac, Derek and Scott to find and capture Boyd and Dereks sister. 
  • Boyd is scary as hell as a wolf....seriously dude..
  • The action scenes were so intense! Especially the fight between Derek, Boyd and Derek's sister in the boiler room. 
  • I'm a little "iffy" about Allison, is she with them or against them or fluctuating between both sides? Did her dad bring her along to help or was she there to kill them ? Need to know.. 
  • It was so sad to see that Heather was dead. Yeah, she was in one episode but I really liked her and stiles! 
  • I'm super interested in seeing what this serial killing / scarificing virgins is all that some kind if initiation thing to join the "Alpha Pack" ... Could be.. 
  • I really want t see more of the Alpha Pack, especially the blind-leader-guy and the Twins, aka porter and preston from Desperate Housewives!
  • Need to know who is doing all this stuff to Lydia, poor girl can't catch a break. Is is Dereks Uncle or the blind-leader-guy of The Alpha Pack...or someone else ?

Comment below with your feeling and theories on tonights episode. I love swapping comments and theories with people on Tv shows !

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