Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 03

So Sorry this is late guys ! I fell behind with blogging because I was super busy reading for the #Debutathon which was so much fun.! Don't worry, I'll keep up to date now.

  • I'm really happy for Aria's mom. She was on her own for a long time after she split with Aria's dad. The guy she is with seems nice. Well nice enough to offer her a trip to Austria !
  • Oh Melissa is back, and rocking a brand new hair cut. Yet she's still pretty creepy. 
  • The mask maker was so creepy. Especially when he was talking about Emilys face !

  • What is the connection of the masks- Alisons and Melissas....Why would Melissa get a mask made of her face? And why is her mask so much more creepier than Alisons?!
  • I sort of felt bad for Melissa when she asked Spencer who she would protect. I know some people think she was being creepy but she knows her sister doesn't lover her. 
  • I felt it was really grown up for Caleb to go and talk to Hannahs dad. Is Hannah dad having an affair with Hannah mom? 
  • The police board was creepy...all the pictures of the liars, Melissa and Jenna and Garrett...does this mean Jenna will return ?
  • The missing gun...has the gun been stolen by A? or by A ? or even Melissa?
  • Aria was being a little mean to Jake about the black / white movie thing. She need to realise not all guys like the same things as she and Ezria did together. 

  • Where is MIKE ?! Where is MONA?! 
  • Poor Toby :'( Did his mom do it? Did she get pushed? Was it A ? MYSTERY. 
  • What did that text about mothers mean? Tobys mom is dead, Aria's mom is leaving and Emilys mom might be losing Emily? So that leaves Hannahs...
  • Poor Emilys parents. Are they going to lose her to the social worker? Emily tell the truth please?
  • The end of the episode was creepy. The x-ray of her shoulder looked really serious..was it broken? Was A looking at her shoulder as a weakness of hers? 
  • Overall I did not enjoy this episode as much....but still love the show!

Comment below with your thoughts on the PLL episode and tell me your theories on what you think is going to happen with the liars. 


  1. Great Recap! I love this show and surprisingly I didn't like this episode as much, I don't know why. Maybe it's because I'm a "Ezria" shipper. But this post just reminded me how much explaining Miss Marlene King needs to do because it's killing me. Glad to find another PLL fan!

    - Sunny @ A Sunny Spot Blog

    1. Thank Sunny! I really enjoyed reading your comment, now we can be PLL buddys :D