Monday, 1 July 2013

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 04 "Unleashed"

  • The beginning was really good. I am so interested in finding out what happened to the people who were sacrificed and why. 
  • Also I got such a fright when I realised the dog was not under the dumpster....what was that thing?!
  • Heh..Scott trying to look broody while holding a puppy....Nice Try !

  • The classroom scene was cute...I'm starting to ship Derek and Jennifer..I want him to be happy
  • Also Dereks smirk when he was leaving was too cute ~!

  • I loved Stiles and Scott  in this episode they were hilarious when talking about the virgin serial killings in the locker room ! 
  • I feel like Isaac is taking his grudge against the Twins, yes Preston & Porter from Desperate HouseWives, a little too seriously.. 
  • No, on second thought, I do not., 

  • I loved when they tricked them into making it look like they'd brought the motorcycle into the school
  • This was such a bad episode for Isaac. All these things that his dad did to abuse him were coming back, like being locked in the freezer and the glass being thrown at him . Poor baby :(

  • Lydia is cool. I really want her & Stiles to get together. She's so cool too. She's getting a little more clued up on all the supernatural aspects going on.
  • P.s Lydia's cute shirt & skirt combo was so cute, I loved it . 

  • The Deucalion ( I hope I'm spelling it right..) Pack , a.k.a The Alpha Pack, are so creepy and scary but also kind of cool....Am I the only person who finds the blind leader guy really scary but also attractive at the same time...probably not
  • The action scenes were so intense loved this episode! 
  • I'm starting to see why people are starting to ship Isaac & Allison...I think they'd make a cuter couple that she and Scott did... That moment on the motorcycle when I thought will they kiss....will they, will they not...hopefully! 
  • The end of the episode was so sad. Poor Isaac. I know Derek's only doing it to protect him from the Deucalion pack, but Isaac really liked Derek. They were friends. 
  • Does this mean he's left Derek for Scotts pack? It was so nice the way he knew he could turn to Scott for help. BrOTP ! <3

  • Mean Chemistry teacher got his punishment finally...loving the new creepy cult type of thing going on. The chanting was super scary !
I'm super excited for the episode which is on tonight! I'm really sorry this post is so late guys. 

Click here for a link to the promo for Episode 5 !..

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