Wednesday, 31 July 2013

TV Talk: Teen Wolf: Frayed (03.05)

Today on TV Talk I will be re-capping / discussing the fifth episode in the third season of Teen Wolf. 

The episode starts out with Stiles, Scott, Boyd, Isaac and the rest of the Lacrosse team- which I had no idea "one of the twins"* was on.  (*yes, I will keep referring to them in this way as I have not remembered their names!)

I thought Stiles was so hilarious in this episode. When he was texting Danny to ask "One of the twins" questions and there was repeated beeping noises from his pocket, I actually could see them as a good couple!. Also the whistle blowing scene with the Coach was so funny ! 

Here's a picture of the Deucalion being a scary, blind BAMF. Why did he kill Ennis.. was it for power? or to make Dr Deaton see what he is capable of doing ...or to make Kali angry or because he had no further use for him?

Below is one of my favourite scenes. It shows Scott really stepping into his leadership role and stopping Isaac from making a terrible mistake. He knows Isaac will listen to him because he cares about Scott. 

I still don't fully understand why Isaac & Boys were so adament in attacking "One of the twins", damn really need to learn his name. I mean, it's not like he killed Derek, he was just there. Or am I missing something?

Lydia was  reading "Thermodynamic Asymmetry in Time".
And all of that in an episode that screws around with even more flashbacks and a non-linear narrative. An assortment of disjointed scenes fill the episode so her reading that also tied in with the atmosphere of the episode. 

What did Scott and the other do after Derek and Ennis had fallen? Why did they not go down to Dereks body and see if he was okay? Would Scott and Isaac not have brought him back to his apartment and called his brother?

Why did Scott’s eyes go red? Is he letting himself over to the wolf side more?

Why did Deucalion tell his pack to cover their eyes? He didn’t tell them to find cover or run. It is odd that a blind man should focus on the one sense he does not have, when he literally cannot even see the flashes of did he know? Is he really blind? 

Why did Alison hallucinate? Why does she hallucinate her dead mother? That scene was so scary though. If that is the kind of mother Alison had I feel sorry for her. I always thought her dad was the strict horrible one!

When do Cora and Peter meet at the mall? Right after the fight, or the morning after? Why have they waited and why did Cora not stay after Derek fell ? You'd think she would care since he is her brother! 

The time of this episode is confusing.  How many days have passed since the ending of the previous episode “Unleashed”? Has Harris’, the teacher, body been found or was it hidden?

Also I thought it was really cute that Jennifer was the first person Derek went to for help...she is the Allison for Scott, the weakness through his heart. 

Is the reason behind the killings to symbolise a war starting? If so, against who? The Alpha pack or someone even worse? 

I don't think I enjoyed this episode as much as the previous but maybe it's because of the odd layout of the episode. 

Leave all of your Theories and comments below! I really love conversing about TV with people. 

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