Sunday, 15 September 2013

Wolfblood Season 2 Episode 2 "The Girl From Nowhere".

I am loving this season of Wolfblood already. This is a recap / review of the second episode in the new series, which is on CBBC at 5pm every Monday and Tuesday. 

This episode presented us with a love triangle, This is something new to the show as it has not been done on Wolfblood up to this point. 

Maddy and Rhydian were very close in Season 1 but after all the time Rhydian has spent in the wild with the other pack of Wolfbloods, he has of course bonded and grown close to Jana. I can't blame him for this. 

Although, you know how Jana's pack are after Rhydian because of something bad he has done to them, maybe it has something got to do with his relationship with Jana.... ?

The three Kays are being quite funny in this season. I feel that they are in the show for a little bit of comic relief, which is needed as this season looks like it is going to be very dark and intense. 

I felt bad for Jana when she was getting shouted at, and teased for being a traveller at the beginning of the show. I did think that the teacher, Mr. Jeffreys, was a little irresponsible as he did not break up the insults or stop them from verbally abusing her.

I find myself really interested in Jana's character. In the above photo she looks sweet and kind but as seen in scenes from episode two, she can be quick to turn on the scary and threatening side to herself. 

I don't know if she is putting on a kind act and will then turn on Maddy and Rhydian or if she is used to using her threatening wolfblood side as a defence because of living in the wild Wolfblood pack. 

This scene was one of my favourites because Maddy hates being known as "tame" or being not like other Wolfbloods, while her parents love it. There has always been a distance between Maddy and her parents, especially in terms of their views on Wolfbloods, but they really are a close pack.

I this scene we got a glimpse into Jana's fascination and her idolising of Rhydian. Rhydian to her was this new and fascinating guy, who came into her Wolfblood and told her of his life in the human world. For her this changed all the beliefs she had grown up with and the rules that had been enforced on her. 

In one bit of the episode she described a wonderful night where she and Rhydian went to a small town and ate ice cream together . I think that Jana has feelings for Rhydian but that Rhydian does not know where his feelings lie, with Maddy who is safe and familiar or with Jana- something wild and exciting. 

I also loved Maddys face in this scene when Jana held Rhydians hand and Maddys face was like "Oh no you didn't". 

These Gifs are my favourites of Jana as they show so many different sides to her. 

The "Tingling" one is her when she wants to explode with emotion and Wolf-out but she is keeping tings under control to make a good impression on Rhydian and Maddy. She is happy that she is able to keep everything under control and smiles. 

The next is Jana in mid transformation as she begins to let her emotions take over and lets a little of her wolf side shine through. She has been raised by wild Wolfbloods her entire life so this would not have been something she has had to hide and conceal before. 

The gif set with Jimi was one of my favourite parts of the episode. Jimi has always been a bully and a selfish character. His fascination with Jana begins with a dislike, but then e becomes more intrigued and interested. When she says she can track things and find her way around the woods easily, Jimi is impressed. Jana is suspicious at first but then calms and is almost pleased by his interest in her. His smile at the end when he says "cool." is so adorable. 

I think I may be shipping Jana & Jimi right now... Jina? Jami? I don't know.

I thought this bit was sad as always Maddy has felt like the odd one out in her circle of friends. Shannon & Tom have always sat together and had more in common. When she met Rhydian she felt like she could be herself and sit with him in class and feel a little less alone at school. Now when she enters her classroom and sees Jana has taken her place, she feels replaced and sad. 

Rhydian feels bad about the situation as he hasn't made his mind up about either girl and he doesn't want to tell anyone the full story about his departure from Jana's pack. He also doesn't want to take sides but knows he need to keep close to Jana to stop her from losing control, but also possibly to stop her from telling Maddy his secret... 

Maddy's parents were good in this episode. I know that they could not take Jana in as she is the daughter of their rival packs leader and they already have one adopted Wolfblood under their roof. They were very scary when they were trying to scare Jana off but they meant well and were only doing it to protect their own pack. 

I like the dynamic Maddy's relationship with her parents adds to the show, and I was really happy to see them getting on better with Rhydian. They are trying to make up for how isolated they made Rhydian feel in the previous season, and there were so many feels when they built Rhydian a wardrobe and framed his artwork. They are a great mum & dad to both Maddy and Rhydian. 

I am so excited for tomorrows Wolfblood as I think this will be the turning point of the series as it moves into becoming a much darker and serious show. 

Next Episode: Season 2 Episode 3, CBBC, Monday 5pm. 

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