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Review: I Am Pusheen The Cat by Claire Belton

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Plot: This collection of oh-so-cute kitty comics—an online cult phenomenon, now for the first time in an adorable gift book—Pusheen combines the online reach of The Oatmeal’s How to Tell if Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You with the super-sweet appeal of Hello Kitty.

With more than 2 million page views a month, 500,000+ blog subscribers, and 500,000+ Facebook followers, Pusheen is a pleasantly tubby gray tabby cat who has warmed hearts and tickled funny bones of millions worldwide with her signature GIF animated bops, bounces, and tail wiggles. Now, Pusheen is ready to make the leap from digital to print with her first comic collection!

I Am Pusheen the Cat features some of the most popular comics from the website, including Reasons I Love FallCareer Options for Your Cat, andChristmas To Do List, as well as a healthy serving (at least 25 percent) of never-before-seen material that is sure to delight Pusheen’s many dedicated fans.


I received this wonderful book from Netgalley & Touchstone publishers for an honest review. 

This book was wonderful. I am a huge follower of the website and blog and have been for many years! Since joining the book blogging community, I haven't been checking out the blog as frequently as usual, so this book caught me up on all the Pusheen action. 

I love the character of Pusheen. She is very different to her younger sister Stormy, who is the more fluffy kitty, and is over all adorable. I loved reading about Pusheen's antics in the book. The author really has thought of some great ideas and jokes that she can revolve around Pusheen. 

The illustrations in the book are amazing. The illustrator and author Claire Belton is fantastic. The illustrations are very crisp and clean but also maintain the cute side that really draws people to the Pusheen comics. I also like that the illustration illuminate a simple Pusheen idea or joke and turn it into something amazing. 

Beltons use of pastel colours in the book also brings across the cute and whimsical atmosphere of the book. The comics and picture sequences really add to the book and give the reader a good and relate able insight into Pusheen, Stormy and Claire's life. 

The thing I liked best about the book was probably the fact that on nearly every page I would stop and think "Oh my gosh, my cat does that too, and that, and that!". I think it is one of those books that if you are a cat owner, you will find really easy to relate to.  

I think the book would be a great present to give to your friends or family who also have cats. It would also make a great "coffee table book" for you to leave in the sitting room for people to look at when they sit down. 

The book is very unique and is something you could read again and again. It is also a very quick read, as I read it in under a half hour.  

Overall the book combines simple humour with flawless illustrations and is filled with general cat cuteness and sillyness. 


Five Stars

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