Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Christmas Haul 2013 (Book Haul)

Merry (Late) Christmas !

Hello readers, Shannon here. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, or holiday. I really enjoyed  my Christmas with my family- the food is always the best part right?! 

l just want to say before I get into my haul, that I am so grateful for the quality of life I live. I know so many other people do not have the same opportunites that I have and I am in no way boasting. I just want to share the books and book related items I received as I also love seeing people's christmas book hauls. 

Click Here to see last years haul post. 

Gifts I Received From My Parents: 

This glorious House Stark T-Shirt with their slogan "Winter Is Coming". I am a huge Game Of Thrones fan !

This beautiful book containing maps of the Game Of Thrones world. One day, I will frame these and hang them up in my house. 

Close up of the inside of the book of maps. 

I am a Whovian and I adored the 50th special, click here to see my review. And I got this great Doctor Who Calander containing pictures of all the Doctors regenerations and this pack of Doctor Who Top Trumps cards...which I now collect. 

As above, major Whovian right here! I got these books which were released around the 50th anniversary.
 Links: Doctor Who 11 Stories [Goodreads],
100 Scariest Monsters from Doctor Who [Goodreads]
Whoology [Goodreads]

And I got the new Katy Perry Perfume, "Meow". 

I also got Let It Snow by John Green, Lauren Myracle & Maureen Johnson. Now I have all the books John Green has written / co-written. [Goodreads

Books I Bought Myself: 

( You know because these books were so cheap I couldn't resist! )

I am so happy I got these. I am trying to find all the books in the Song of Ice & Fire series in charity shops so could not leave this behind when I saw it in Oxfam. I also got another copy of the first Harry Potter because it was cheap I need a reason for buying multiple copies? I've been recommended the Vampire Academy series for so long that when I seen it in a charity shop for one euro, I couldn't leave it behind! 

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