Friday, 22 August 2014

Review: An English Boy In New York by T.S Easton

Publication Date: August 7 2014
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Source: Review Copy
Series: #2, Sequel to Boys Don't Knit

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Blurb-   As part of his prize for winning the All-UK Knitting Championships, seventeen-year-old Ben Fletcher has won himself an all-expenses paid trip to New York... and to the US National KnitFair. Unfortunately his new girlfriend Megan is (somewhat suspiciously) unable to come with him, which means Ben has the dubious pleasure of being accompanied by his family and his third-choice-friend Gex.

The other problem is, Ben's not really sure he wants to be known as teenage knitting genius any more. His idea for a knit-able hoodie could make him millions... or turn him into a laughing stock forever. An existential knitting crisis turns out to be the least of Ben's concerns though, as he quickly finds that his apparent magnetism for trouble has followed him across the pond. Join Ben for another hilarious misadventure, involving some overly-eager Knitting Expo representatives, suspicious men in dark suits, some potential trouble from the Mob, a mix-up of epic proportions with Megan... and still rather a lot of knitting.


I was so very excited to read this book, a massive thank you to Hot Key Books for sending em a copy in exchange for an honest review. 

If you're a follower of my blog for a while, you may know that I really enjoyed the previous book in this series, Boys Don't Knit . After the ending of the first novel, I knew this series was going to be one of my favourites. I was completely right! 

In the first novel, we are introduced to Ben Fletcher's world. Ben Fletcher is very unlike his friends, who like to watch football, go to nightclubs and play video games. Ben has developed a love of knitting after joining a knitting group while on probation. This is something he knows is very unusual for other boys his age, and at first, it is a secret hobby. Then Ben is entered into the UK Knitting Championship and he finds that his friends and family are surprisingly supportive. I liked that the level of support is carried on into the second novel, his family is much more accepting of his unusual hobby, as is his mates. 

The characters in this novel are just fantastic. They make you laugh out loud at their crazy antics and also really develop an attachment to them. Ben is an amazing male protagonist. He is such a worrier and it is hilarious to read about the things he is constantly worrying about in his mind. I love his commentary in the novel and the situations he manages to get himself into are side-splitingly funny. I really love his relationship with the elderly Mrs Frensham, there was a hilarious scene involving Mrs Frensham trying to work Skye on her new smart phone that had me laughing out loud. 

The other characters in this novel such as Ben's mates and girlfriend are also really great to read about. I really enjoy Megan's character as I think she is a realistic portrayal of a young teenage girl, whereas in some novels the girlfriends are made out to be a little more stroppy than is realistic. I loved reading about the antic of Gex in this novel. As you can imagine, Gex gets up to all kinds of mischief and mayhem while dragging Ben into the mix, with hilarious outcomes. Ben's parents constant innuendo banter was also so very funny but I also felt a little embarrassed for Ben !

I also really enjoyed the new characters introduced in this novel as Ben meets a range of new and interesting people in New York. Brandi was a really nice character. Although a little ditzy, she was kind, caring and a good friend to Ben while in New York . The same can be said for Trey, whose character was a nice side character in the story. 

The plot of this novel was really well written. I loved reading about Ben's shenanigans in New York and the suspense leading up to the big knitting competition. I love reading about the "Hoopie", a piece of knitwear that is Ben's own creation, and I am desperate to own one! The novel really has rekindled my love of knitting, and has inspired me to take back up knitting this autumn. I loved reading about Ben's interviews and meetings in New York. I think it was interesting to read about how he experienced what it would be like to have to try and sell your product / business to a company. I found it fascinating and some of my favourite parts in the novel took place during his interviews as they were so funny.

 Tom Eastons gripping and humorous writing style really pulls the reader into the story. The book had me hooked as I was eager to read about the adventures in New York. The writing style is so fun to read, especially with the knitting and pop culture references sprinkled throughout the novel - I loved the ones about Doctor Who! Overall an addicting contemporary novel that would appeal to both male and female readers, and also those who may or may not knit!

Please check out this series if you're looking for something refreshing and different, but also with a brilliant streak of humour. 


Five Stars 


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