Monday, 12 January 2015

Favourite Books of 2014

 Review:  | Let It Snow Review

Why I Loved Let It Snow: 

I loved this book so very much. There are so many things about this book that make it so perfect; The Christmas and winter setting is so vivid, the characters are very unique, the interconnection of each story is fluid, the romances read as genuine, Maureen Johnson's story was adorable and after finishing this book you are left feeling warm and fuzzy and happy. Definitely will try and re-read this every Christmas ! 

Review:  | Flirty Dancing Review

Why I Loved Flirty Dancing: 

This book was such an amazing contemporary novel. 
I loved the protagonist of Bea, she was anxious, clumsy, a worrier and basically a realistic 14 year old girl. The characters and relationships were heart warming and the plot was captivating. There was lots of humorous scenes but also sad scenes and both were written fantastically. 
The sequel, Love Bomb, is on my most anticipated of 2015! Probably the cutest contemporary you'll read. 

Review:   | Two Boys Kissing Review

Why I Loved Two Boys Kissing: 

Two Boys Kissing was an emotional roller coaster for me. I was utterly hooked by each characters own story and became so attached to them all. The unusual narration was also a really cool and interesting feature of this novel that I have not read the like of before. Levithan's creation of vivid characters, flawless execution of plot flow and poetic and emotional writing style all caused me to fall head over heels in love with Two Boys Kissing

Review: | Boys Don't Knit Review
              | An English Boy In New York Review

Why I Loved Boys Don't Knit & An English Boy In New York: 

This series is just amazing. 
I read Boys Don't Knit way back in January and instantly fell in love with the akwardness that is Ben Fletcher, his odd family and crazy bunch of friends. I loved this book for the intriguing plot, the great protagonist and the amazing covers! Honestly these contemporary novels will have you laughing out loud and picking up a pair of needles and some wool. Highly recommend this series. 

Review:  | Just One Year Review

Why I Loved Just One Year : 

I read Just One Day back in 2013 and enjoyed it, but did not love it. Well, any qualms I had with JOD, were remedied by how much I loved Just One Year. I read this novel on holidays and honestly I can't think of a better summer read. The romance is not cliche, the character development is flawlessly executed and the plot pacing is perfection. The writing style is typical Gayle Forman and a pleasure to read. I eagerly await I Was Here being released this 2015. 

Review:   | Unstoppable Review

Why I Loved Unstoppable : 

This novel was such a brilliant example of realistic, honest, yet cute and fun to read contemporary YA. 
I had never read anything by Liz Bankes before receiving this novel for review, but after realising her other novels are told from the perspective of side characters from this novel, I am definitely going to read more of her work. 
This novel will make you feel all the gooey warm feels as Bankes executed relationships and love with precision and allows the reader to emotionally connect to the characters. A cute and perfect contemporary. 

Review:    | A Boy Called Hope Review |

Why I Loved  A Boy Called Hope: 

This novel blew me away. 
I went into this novel expecting a quick, light read but wow was I surprised by the level of depth, emotion and gritty realism . The novel touched on so many sensitive topics with such grace and the child perspective made for an interesting narrative. I was captivated by this novel and know it will remain with me for a very long time. 

Review:  | And We Stay Review

Why I Loved  And We Stay : 

I think January of 2014 must have been a great reading month for me as this novel is also one i read in January of last year. 
And We Stay is one of those novels that you think about daily for about a month after finishing, it is beautifully haunting. The writing style was descriptive, vivid and utterly breathtakingly poetic. I loved the plot and the characters really grew on me. The Emily Dickinson side to the story was so interesting to read as I have studied her poetry before. An honest, poetic and beautiful novel about loss, new beginnings and being yourself. 

Review:  | Red Ink Review

Why I Loved  Red Ink  : 

This novel is definitely one of the best novels I have ever read in my entire life, I am serious. 
Julie Mayhew executes themes of loss, coming of age, anger and betrayal so flawlessly. The plot and story of Melon and her life is so gripping that you will not be able to put this book down for very long. The characters are so three dimensional and real that they really stay in your mind long after finishing the novel. This novel is one of the most honest, gritty and realistic I've ever read. I eagerly await more novels by Julie Mayhew

Review:   | Sweet Honey Review
 | Coco Caramel Review |  | Marshmallow Skye Review
 | Summers Dream Review | | Cherry Crush Review

Why I Loved  Sweet Honey : 

This book was very different from the rest of the series, although I guess no two books in this series are the same, just like the sisters. This novel was based on Honeys character as she moves out to Australia, about from Tanglewood, to make a fresh start and build a relationship with her father. Cathy Cassidys expertise at writing YA is evident in terms of her brilliant plot twists, character development, setting descriptions and enthralling writing style.  A novel that will leave the reader glued to the book for hours and provide them with some honest reflections running away from problems. Such a sweet and captivating series, I can't wait to read Fortune Cookie this year!  

Honourable Mentions:  | We Were Liars by E. Lockhart |   | Goose by Dawn O' Porter

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