Friday, 13 March 2015

Review: Crow Moon by Anna McKerrow

| Publisher: Quercus | 
| Publication Date: March 5 2015|
| Series: 1st in new series|

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Danny is a fun-loving 16-year-old looking for a father figure and falling in love with a different girl every day. He certainly doesn't want to follow in his mum's witchy footsteps.

Just as his community is being threatened by gangs intent on finding a lucrative power source to sell to the world, Danny discovers he is stunningly powerful. And when he falls for Saba, a gorgeous but capricious girl sorceress, he thinks maybe the witch thing might not be such a bad idea...

But what cost will Danny pay as, with his community on the brink of war, he finds that love and sorcery are more dangerous than he ever imagined?

Wickedness and passion combine in this coming-of-age adventure.

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A huge thank you to Quercus for sending me a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and loved the magical elements of the story. This is a great UKYA novel and I'm eagerly awaiting the sequel which is being released in spring 2016. 

The characters in this novel are extremely vivid and fun to read about. I enjoyed reading the story from the perspective of Danny, our young protagonists, and I enjoyed his voice as he narrates his journey from "Greenworld" boy into a world of magic and sorcery.Danny was extremely funny and cheeky and often made me laugh. Although at times I felt Danny was sexist and objectified women, it could be argued that this is just the way 16 year old boys minds work. I really enjoyed reading about his relationship with his mum and with Omar. 

The other characters in the novel were also great. I loved the strong female witches, from beautiful Saba, to quiet and tough Melz. I loved reading about these girls and their power in their group. I really enjoyed how Anna Mc Kerrow captured the rebellious nature of these teenagers in a realistic way. 

The plot of the novel focuses mainly around Danny and his journey into harnessing his own power. I did enjoy the plot but felt that at times it was a little slow, it did take me around 70 pages to get into the novels plot but I think that this may have been because I am in a slight reading slump! The plot was eventful, constantly filling the reader with information on magic and Greenworld life while also having this great slow build up to  the main plot twist of the novel. 

The writing style was so easy and fun to read. I really enjoyed the little snippets of poetry at the beginning of each chapter. The setting of both the Greenworld and Tintagel are so vivid and immediately the reader has an image of both towns clear in their mind. Mc Kerrows writing has a poetic flow at times and the reader is constantly drawn into the plot with vivid descriptions and humorous dialogue. 

Overall a really good and magical start to what I think is going to be a great series. 

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