Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Top Authors I Discovered in 2015

So, 2015 was such a great reading year for me. I read lots of great books, even if I did not meet my Goodreads reading goal, I went to lots of bookish events, made lots of new friends and read so many new authors whose novels I fell head over heels in love with!

The top authors I discovered in 2015 are;

Louise O'Neill                         (Reviews: Only Ever Yours ,  Asking For It )

Louise O'Neill is one of my all time favourite authors. After reading both of her novels, I immediately wanted to shove them into the faces of all of my friends while saying "READ THIS NOW" and that is a sign of a good author, right?
Louise O'Neills novels are always hard hitting, thought provoking and memorable. Her writing style is sharp, shocking, and she has a way of getting inside the characters and laying bare their inner thoughts in a way that the reader can connect with. 

Juno, formerly known as James, Dawson
(Reviews: Under My Skin, This Book Is Gay, All Of The Above )

Every novel I have read by this author has been incredible and unique. One thing I feel sometimes happens is an author writes a new novel loosely based on their last success but Dawson does not do this. I adored This Book Is Gay so very much and found it incredibly informative. Under My Skin was dark, fun and gripping. Dawson got into the  minds of the characters and wrote a fantastic YA horror. 
My all time favourite Dawson novel that I have read so far is All Of The Above. This novel shows Dawson's skill at character creation, growth, plot, writing realistic teenagers and relationships and a realistic representation of teenagers sexual discovery. Please pick up a book by Dawson, you will not forget it. 

Holly Bourne   (Reviews: Am I Normal Yet? )

I have only read one of Holly Bourne's novels, Am I Normal Yet?, but I was blown away and thoroughly impressed. Holly's writing style is so gripping, her character creation is fantastic, at times I felt the characters were so vivid they could leap from the page. The portrayal of mental illness in AINY? is the best and most real that I have ever read in a novel. 
Holly's writing grips you from the very first page and I can not wait to read more of her novels in 2016. 

Holly Smale     (Reviews: Geek Girl , Model Misfit (#2),  Picture Perfect (#3) )

The Geek Girl series was not something I thought I would have liked but when I picked it up in my local library in 2015 I fell utterly in love with the plot, the characters and Smale's writing style that grips you from the very first page and keeps you hooked until the end. 

If you're a fan of contemporary novels I would highly recommend the Geek Girl Series! 

Alice Oseman              ( Review: Solitaire )

I read Solitaire a couple months ago and really enjoyed it. I loved the fresh voice of the characters, the descriptive and entertaining writing style, the way the author really got inside the head of an introverted teenager. Then I found out that the author is only a year older than I am....that made me feel very unaccomplished! But all joking aside, Alice's writing style is funny, gripping, unique and has just the right amount of sarcasm to capture the teenage spirit. I can not wait to read Radio Silence which is being released in February this year. 

Malorie Blackman      ( Review: Boys Don't Cry )

I had heard great praise for Malorie's Noughts & Crosses series a couple years ago but never got around to picking them up. Last year I stumbled upon her novel Boys Don't Cry in my local library and fell in love with her writing. Blackman writes with emotion and strength and vividly describes teenage emotion. I am hoping to read more of her work in  2016. 

Deirdre Sullivan  ( Review:  Prim Improper Series )

Deirdre Sullivan is an Irish author, being from Ireland myself I was looking forward to picking up her novel Prim Improper which I had heard great things about. Deirdre's writing style definitely has an Irish air about it but what really impressed me was how she does not shy away from dealing with topics in her novels such as friendships and relationships and death. Her writing style is fun, quirky and entirely entertaining to read. After meeting her and talking to her at Dept Con in Dublin last year, I can not wait to read more of her work and am highly anticipating the release of Needlework in February! 

Let me know in the comments who your standout authors were! 

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