Sunday, 20 October 2013

TV Review: Wolfblood Season 2 Ep. 12 "Going Underground"

The episode began with everyone at school wondering where Maddy and Rhydian were. Then we see them being chased by Alraic through the woods. I was really worried that Rhydian was so hurt by using eolas and then Maddys phone rang. 

Alraic was so scary in this episode. The eolas doesn't work with electricity and it was clever they tricked him into using it under the power lines. 

The three kays were funny in this episode with their make up project. Shannon was so uncomfortable. They made her look so funny!

I liked Tom trying to deter Liam from thinking Maddy was a werewolf . He is loyal to Maddy and Rhydian. 

Liam was a bit fanatic about the werewolf thing. I was glad his friends didn't believe him, but that might make him more determined. 

I felt bad for Rhydian being stalked by Alaric. I thought it was kind of funny that everyone at school was perplexed as to who Alaric was ! It was intense watching Rhydian run from Alraic especially when he split from  Maddy. I was scared when Alraic picked Maddy away from Rhydian.

I liked that Shannon involved Maddy's parents as they will help them. Maddy really needs to put more faith in her parents help. 

I was shocked when Jana returned to stop Alraic. I was glad he was stopped but I don't know if we've seen the last of him. Bu then she was gone, maybe she was a figure of his imagination.

The three kays friendship is great as they helped with the project for their friend. 

It was cute that Maddy held his hand when he was worrying about Alraic. I was worried about him when he left the school and went to run in the woods, to search for Alraic. It was sad to see Alraic in Jana's caravan, close to tears. I knew it was a bad idea that they went back into the unstable den in the woods. I was shocked they could hear Maddy's parents and her in the den at home. Or was it them?

It was really funny when Maddy and Rhydian were having a mushy cute moment and then Maddys dad said "think I'm going to be sick". haha . Maddys parents are awesome. 

I'm so excited for the next episode! 

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