Saturday, 19 October 2013

TV Review: Wolfblood Season 2 Ep. 11 "Best Of Both Worlds"

I loved the way the episode began with Tom, Shannon, Maddy , Jana and Rhydian messing about and having a laugh while tidying Jana's caravan.  

Them  things took a serious turn as Ceri turned up with the news that Jana must become the new pack leader as Alraic has been exiled. 

Ceri in this episode was odd at first. I was shocked to see her return at first. The way she treated Rhydian with such love. I thought it wa skind of funny that she wanted Rhydian to get together with Jana so he could be "her alpha male to her alpha female" . She's a Jydian shipper! I thought it was a bit sneaky that Ceri wanted Rhydian to help Jana be pack leader so that she could be with him again, rather than that she thought she was going to be a good leader. I liked that Ceri became slowly more and more impressed with Jana as the episode went on. She was impressed when Jana displayed her leadership in the toilets by giving the three Kays advice. Then she was really impressed when Mr Jeffries praised her. 

We get to see a lot of Maddy's parents nature at the dinner with Jana and Ceri. They really are protective of Maddy and are apprehensive towards Ceri and Jana. They try to give constructive criticism but Ceri and Jana take it the wrong way. I was worried when Ceri seen Rhydians foster mom but I was happy than Maddy was able to talk her out of anything drastic. 

Jana showed her alliance to maddy as she turned to ask her for help first and obeyed her at the dinner. Jana was good at reasoning with Maddys parents. When Jimi said stuff about her and she was crying in the toilet, it was so sad. I liked seeing Maddy and Jana's relationship as she comforted her. I thought the scene where she brought Ceri into the toilets was really good. She was so excited about the mirror and the flushing toilet. Then when the kays entered and Jana gave them good advice and they followed it. She showed her leader skills. 

It is so funny when Jana says "..I fell in love.." and then Maddy looks up so angry at Jana but relaxes when she says "..with the human world." . I loved that scene. I liked how near the end they both acknowledged they are leaders of their own pack and wouldn't have hard feeling whatever Rhydian decided. 

I thought it was so sad when Rhydian said he didn't know if he was leaving either and Maddy's face fell . It was cute when he threw stones at Maddys window and met her in the night. The hand holding was too cute !!

I thought it was sad with Jimi in this episode. In the previous season we learned Jimi's father is really hard on him and he hates his home life. Then in this episode we see Jimi running away from his father terrified because he has gotten a bad report. This scene was humorous at first but then when I thought about it maybe there is abuse at home for Jimi? That's why he is so afraid. 

Rhydian really lashed out as Jimi made horrible remarks about Jana. It was sad that Jana didn't know what they meant. Rhydian is a really loyal character . It was nice seeing Rhydian foster mother too and their relationship. 

I thought it was so funny that when Rhydian suggested taking a break, his foster mum seen Maddy behind him and said "OH, okay" haha. She think Maddy and Rhydian are a couple. 

I loved the closing scene when Tom, Shannon and Maddy gave Jana some going away presents! Toilet Paper, Sweets and a beautiful card with Jana flushing a toilet on the front. Rhydians present for his mom was so beautiful. The sketches of everyone was great. I was surprised that I was sad Jana was leaving but I am going to miss her. Maybe there will be more focus on Maddian next? 

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