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Dizzy by Cathy Cassidy

Dizzy by Cathy Cassidy

PAGES: 272 Pg's

What would it be like to walk into your living room and see a complete stranger who says she's your mother? Dizzy hasn't seen Storm since she walked out on her and her dad eight years ago, but here she is, a hippie-crunchy earth mother, come to celebrate Dizzy's twelfth birthday and to convince Dizzy's dad to let her come away for the summer. A dream is coming true right before Dizzy's eyes and as the memories start flooding back, Dizzy knows she wants to spend as much time with her mum as she can. So the two steal off before dawn into the wild world of communes, hippies, out-door festivals, dirty fingernails and fun! As the weeks pass, Dizzy starts to feel things she's never felt before. She meets Finn, who gives her her first kiss-and Mouse, who's like the little brother she never had. This life is so different from the one back at home. Which life is the right one for Dizzy?

I really liked the characters of this book . Dizzy was a nice protagonist, she was sometimes naive but you felt very connected to her throughout the story. You empathised with her throughout the ups and downs she experiences over the course of this novel. I liked her brother-like relationship with Mouse and her romance with Finn.
Finn was the stereotypical, moodily quiet and swoon worthy guy every teen girl is used to reading about. He was caring but cold and reserved at times. He looked out for Mouse and was an older brother figure for him.
Mouse was the cutest little boy ever! (the ending made me cry!) I loved his character, though I felt he sometimes got in the way of some romantic moments between Finn and Dizzy. He was so sweet and all he wanted was to be noticed as his dad was too busy getting high to notice anything. I felt bad for him living on the commune, with a horrible Dad who neglects him.

PLOT: 3/5
There wasn't much plot really. I did like reading about the commune and about the life there. It was very interesting reading about Dizzy going from festival to festival and her encounters there. I also loved the fast paced ending, it was amazing. This book was a light read, but that does not mean it was not an awesome one! I couldn't put this book down, I read it on my 14th birthday and read it in a matter of days! I , now many years later, still see it on my shelf, with it's creased spine and dog-eared pages -the signs of a book read over & over and well loved , and I smile. I find myself leafing through it from time to time.

Although I though that the writing style might be too young for me before I read this book , I loved it ! Cathy Cassidy's writing style is easy to read, has an even flow, and appeals to girls very well. She always comes up with unique plot lines and character names. She creates unique characters that become so ingrained in your memory that you remember her books years after you've read them. Cathy Cassidy is also a really nice person, who always has time for her fans, reaching out to them through facebook and responding to their e-mails. I love her books.

An awesome four star book!
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