Sunday, 23 December 2012

Review: Eve & Adam by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate

PLOT: Sixteen-year-old Evening Spiker lives an affluent life in San Francisco with her mother, EmmaRose, a successful geneticist and owner of Spiker Biotech. Sure, Evening misses her father who died mysteriously, but she’s never really questioned it. Much like how she’s never stopped to think how off it is that she’s never been sick. That is, until she’s struck by a car and is exposed to extensive injuries. Injuries that seem to be healing faster than physically possible.

While recuperating in Spiker Biotech’s lush facilities, she meets Solo Plissken, a very attractive, if off-putting boy her age who spent his life at Spiker Biotech. Like Evening, he’s never questioned anything... until now. Solo drops hints to Evening that something isn’t right, and Emma-Rose may be behind it. Evening puts this out of her mind and begins her summer internship project: To simulate the creation of the perfect boy. With the help of Solo, Evening uncovers secrets so big they could change the world completely.

This is my first Christmas present of 2012, it was given to me by a very close friend. I read this book in just a little more than 2 days, so expect a positive review.

The first thing I enjoyed about the book was its setting. Most YA Sci-fi novels are set in the future, but this novel is set in  modern day. I found that really interesting and captivating. The science and genetic side to the novel was so intriguing. I am not the best at science but learning of the Logan serum, the Adam project, the spiker biotech and everything with Evening was so captivating. It really made me even more interested in everything in the story.
The characters in this novel were really good. Evening was a very strong, relate able, down-to-earth protagonist. She started off as a timid character but over the course of the novel she grew and developed into a stronger, confident girl. Her relationship with Solo was so gripping . From the beginning of the novel I was rooting for Eve and Solo to get together. Learning about Solo's past and how Evenings and Solo's past intertwined was gripping and something I did not expect. Eve's friend Aislin was a really good supporting character. I feel we can all relate one friend to Aislin, who has not always made the right choices in life. Adam was an interesting character . I was really happy with the end of the novel for the characters.
The plot was gripping . To say this novel was a page-turner does not seem an adequate enough statement. I could sit and read for long periods of time, I think the only thing that stopped me from reading this in a day was homework, school and all those other boring distractions. The writing style was really good and this was something I did not expect, as I have not like Grant's novel Gone. The use of long and short sentences really gave the novel a flow. The world, character building, the pacing and the plot line were all wonderful. The different character POV's were so well written and really helped the reader to get to know each character. A wonderful book....Does anyone know if there is a sequel?
I would recommend this as a gift for a book loving friend, sister etc.,

five star novel * * * * *

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