Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Wolfblood: Season 2 Episode 3 "Grave Consequences"

Wolfblood is a children's TV series about Maddy & Rhydian who are wolfblood- werewolf types, that have to put up with the trials and tribulations of being a teenager, living with parents and also some supernatural problems of their own. 

I thought this episode really started out with a bang. The Werewolf / Wolfblood skelleton was something that really upset Jana. It was sad to see her passionate reaction. I also liked the introduction of the new wolfblood power (Ansia?- I don't know if I've spelt it correctly). I was so shocked when Jana said that the Wolfblood belonged to Maddy's pack. 

The rite of freeigard was also interesting. It was interesting to see the differences between Maddy and Rhydians more human / modern beliefs where as Jana's beliefs are more traditional, fanatical wild Wolfblood beliefs. 

Dr. Whitewood, the forensic scientist, was a good addition to the show. It was interesting to see the old stereotype of silver bullets killing werewolves in the show. She did pose an immediate threat for our Wolfblood trio. She was fascinated by Shannon's "Monster On The Moor" Theory and her dismissal of the werewolf skeleton. I have a terrible feeling it is not the last we've seen of her. 

 Maddy really lost control in this episode which was unusual. I knew Dr. Whitewood was going to jump at the chance to treat Maddy's cut after seeing the Wolfblood veins on her hand. I also liked how Jana saved her from the person grabbing her as she tried to go away with the bones. Their relationship has really developed. 

I love how enthusiastic Shannon and Tom are to help Maddy, Rhydian & Jana. They put themselves at risk with Dr.Whitewood to help Maddy. I'm glad Maddy & Rhydian told Jana that Tom and Shannon know about Wolfbloods. I was so happy Shannon was able to switch the blood samples. 

I liked that Jana included Tom and Shannon in the ceremony. She is really warming to them . I think that Shannon and Tom stealing the blood sample was the turning point. I know it must be really hard for her to leave behind all of her old beliefs that were reinforced onto her by her pack and her father, her entire life. When she came to the human world she is fascinated and infuriated by everything. I think her character has really added a new dynamic to the show.

"I reckon you've got a chance with Dr. Whitewood, Mr. Jeffries.....Yeah, she likes old fossils !" 
The three Kays make me laugh !

Jana was very fanatical about the proper burial of the Wolfblood skeleton, which I understood because of her life in a wild Wolfblood pack but I thought a little strange as he was Maddy's relative and from Maddy's pack and not hers. She was a little violent about the wolfblood skeleton and at one point threatened to beat anyone that stood in their way with a shovel. 

Jimi was good in this episode. He wasn't the centre of attention for once in his group of friends. Although I was a little sad there were not any Jana / Jimi moments, am I the only person who ships them ? I think they will have a bit of romance this series. 

Although there were no scene's with Alric this season, Fun Fact: The actor who plays Alraic, is 6 foot 4 inches tall ! Wow! , I do think his pack still pose a serious threat for Maddy and her pack. 

I still really want to know what happened to get Rhydian kicked out of the wild wolfblood pack and what will happen when Maddy discovers Shannon's camera in their den ? Will this turn Jana off humans? 

Tune into CBBC tomorrow at 5pm for Episode 4 "Total Eclipse Of The Moon".  

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