Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Wolfblood Season 2 Episode 4 "Total Eclipse Of The Moon".

Woah Shannon can really sing. At first I thought it was going to be revealed that it was Jana singing, but I like this new dynamic of Shannons character. Poor Shannon, when she was singing and everyone was laughing at her. I really liked that Shannon was the main focus of the episode. I was so proud she could get back up on the stage.

It was really cool listening to Jana telling Rhydian about the eclipse for Wolfbloods. Jana was mean laughing at Shannon but I was glad Rhydian told her off and made her apologise. I loved seeing the relationship building between Jana and Shannon, I'm glad to see Jana being friends with people other than Rhydian.

I felt bad for Jana when she asked Rhydian on a date on the moors during the eclipse. I was suspicious when Jana gave Shannon the potion... especially because she kept repeating it was "Secret" and not to tell the others.  I liked that Maddy was able to stand up to Jana and give out to her for giving Shannon the Doldriec. 

I liked that Jana was trying to be friends with Maddy and Rhydians friends.  Jana's face fell so much when Maddy jumped on Rhydian and gave him a hug. Jana was also so disappointed that Maddy came and not Rhydian on her own because she is in love with him. Jana's high five with Maddy was so cute. 

Ah, when Rhydian said "Me and you" I was like ah, my ship / OTP ! Maddy & Rhydians jumpy hug was so cute! The Fayre was such a cute date destination for them. I was a little disappointed that Maddy used Eolas, a bad addiction for Wolfbloods, but it did help her find Shannon.  Then the piggy-back scene with Maddy and Rhydian was adorable. I think Maddy & Rhydian are the kind of couple that coluld have dates at Maddy's house all the time and her parents would think it was totally cool because they love them. 

The Kays are so horrible in this episode. I have no idea why Kara's hair was in two buns, she looked like Minnie Mouse. Mr Jeffries howling was so funny! I wish this episode was kept to Halloween but I do like having two episodes a week!

I was really disappointed that Shannon would get so angry at Maddy for being worried about how the Wolfblood drink would affect her. Shannon of all people should know the consequences of drinking foreign substances. We see a whole new side to Shannon, one that is almost the polar opposite of herself. 

I think Shannons style has changed so much from the first season. She's ditched the young look and gone for a much more age appropriate, cool look. Her hair was so gorgeous with the curled pony tail and the little gems in her hair. Her clothes were really nice too. 

I had this feeling that the doldriec was going to slowly turn Shannon into a Wolfblood. I thought that would be the biggest plot twist ever and the Alraic would be even more angry about Maddys pack. 

I thought it was so funny looking when Maddy, Rhydian and Jana all jogged into the frame in the sunglasses! Please someone gif it! I was so happy Maddy stood up to Shannon and made her go on stage as she would have really regretted such an amazing night going to waste.

Tom's little cute smile to Shannon when she was onstage was so freaking adorable! I ship them both romantically and as best friends. I was disappointed there were no Jana & Jimi moments but oh well ! 

Overall great episode. I'm going to watch it when it is repeated at the weekend. 

Catch Episode 5 "Ancient Grudge" on CBBC next Monday at 5pm. 

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