Sunday, 6 October 2013

Wolfblood Season 2 Episode 8 "Desperate Measures"

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The episode started off with a bang. The conflict is evident between Jana , Maddy and Shannon....could Jana be right about Shannon's evidence being dangerous. 

Jimi's character was developed a bit, we got to see more of his devious and cunning side with the football tickets. 

Tom even agrees that Shannons laptop is a risk to Maddys way of life. It's odd seeing Tom being friends with Jimi and his friends a little more than Shannon and Maddy. It was cute seeing Tom help Shannon clean up the mess with her in the lab. Tom had to tell Shannon what they were saying about her, but I feel bad for him being put in the middle. Shannon feels the same insecurity that Maddy felt back last week. 

Jana, I feel, really wanted to stir up conflict between them. I feel she over reacted but I do think there is some truth to what she is saying about the laptop. 

I feel bad for Rhydian being put in the middle of Maddy and Jana. When Jana went to attack Jimi's friend, he was the one who stopped her. He touched her arm and she stopped. 

The three Kays fighting was so funny to watch. They've always been the best of friends and it was a little sad to see them fight. It was really funny though. In detention it was funny, their bickering over the ticket. I knew taking the money from the "School Disco fund" was a bad idea for Katrina. I also never noticed they had necklaces with their names on before!

I don't think I like this new side to Shannon we're seeing. She's become sneaky and cunning and breaking into students lockers and damaging school property is so far from the old Shannon we all knew. I was confused why Shannon took the photography clubs cameras. I was so confused over who did in fact take the laptop.... and the cameras. 

Jana was clever to figure out that Liam could be a suspect. Unfortunately, he wasn't the thief. For some reason I suspected Tom, I don't even know why! I liked that the camera showed the thief while switching back to Maddy and Rhydian in pursuit. 

Maddy really got mad over the laptop incident, and rightly so. She really asserted herself as a leader. It was heartbreaking to see Shannon cry and talk about how people thought she had a mental problem. I was glad Maddy was being strict but a friend about Shannon deleting the files. I was happy when Shannon deleted the files, and I hope she can move on. 

Next weeks episode looks like it is going to be amazing! Cannot wait to see it. 

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