Wednesday, 28 November 2012

TV Talk (2)~ American Horror Story Season 1

So guys, I'm back with another Tv Talk. I know I have not done one of these in a long time but  I just finished watching season 1 of American Horror Story so I thought I would share this discussion with you. [There Will Be Spoilers Ahead] So the show basically centres around the Harmon family who have moved into a house where people have died in California. The family moved there as a way to leave their problems behind. They do not know the house is haunted upon arrival..

This is the Harmon Family; Vivian (mother, Ben (father) and Violet (Daughter. Ben is a character I had mixed feelings about. I liked and disliked him equally because of his affairs and bad behaviour. I did feel that he sometimes avoided temptation well although, by the end of the season, I felt I was on the fence about his character. Vivian is a character I felt sympathy for. She went through so much with Bens affair and then proceeded to move into a haunted house that made her life hell. She was a kind woman and I liked her relationship with Moira.

 Violet is a character I love,love,love!!! Her clothes, attitude and personality are envious. I loved the dresses and hats she wore and the way the actress portrayed her character. She was a soft hearted girl who had to toughen up when her parents relationship went down the toilet. She found safety in Tate only to have the rug pulled from beneath her. She is my favourite character of the series and I did in the beginning enjoy her relationship with Tate.

 Tate Langdon is a character I liked in the beginning and soon grew to detest. I'd seen Gifs on Tumblr of Tate and knew he was a character to "fangirl" over. In the beginning I fell for his floppy blonde hair, good looks and his socially awkward demeanour. But it was all a trick and he turned out to be an evil character that I could not forgive. The actor, Evan Peters did very well to portray the character so well. Can't wait to see the actor in Season 2.
 Constance Langdon was a character I hated and felt a little, very little, sorry for. I mean I know she was a horrible woman and got people to murder her children but my heart was breaking when her daughter, Addie?, was run over by a car. She is a woman who was kind but was tainted by greed, power, status, ambition and ,above all, Evil. The final scene with Tates baby and the nanny was so creepy!!!
 Larry was an infuriating character. He annoyed me as he was hopelessly devoted to Constance and would not comprehend that she did not want him at all. I also do not really understand why he lied that he murdered his children..? He was a character associated with evil from the beginning and proved a very creepy encounter for Ben.
Hayden was a character I hate, hate, hated! It was bad enough for her to destroy a marriage but when they are on the brink of rekindling their happiness to come between them and try to ruin them. She was an evil character and only cared about her own personal gain.

So guys, that's all for my American Horror Story Season 1 Discussion. If you liked this Tv Talk let me know in the comments. I am currently watching Season 1 of Merlin and have yet to start Season 2 of AHS. What are you guys watching? Let me know. Bye!


  1. Tate Langdon is my favourite character haha.

    Season two is better, different, but very good.


  2. I'm just coming to the end of the first season at the moment, and I'm loving it!
    Great review, can't wait to watch the 2nd season :)