Saturday, 30 March 2013

Tv Review: Doctor Who "The Bells Of Saint John"

This "Tv Recap Review" will probably not go directly to plan. I am almost sure that this review will turn into a  giant rant with me fangirling over ever scene in this episode... well, at least the Whovians among you will not mind the nature of this post. 

  • I laughed so hard when the Doctor said "Monks aren't cool.." and then he put on a Fez! 
  • The plot of this episode was so great, although I was a little scared to log onto Tumblr after but oh well!
  • Also loved the Monsters- the Spoonheads! They were scary but also really funny because of their name! 
  • I loved the scene when the doctor was talking to Clara from outside the front door. The script was genius in this episode. 
  • Doctor: I just happened to be in the neighbourhood! On my mobile phone.
  • Clara: When you say 'mobile phone', why do you point at that blue box?
  • Doctor: Because it's a surprisingly accurate description!

  • The book the little boy was reading, IT WAS WRITTEN BY AMELIA WILLIAMS. And Clara said, “The eleventh chapter’s the best - you’ll cry your eyes out.” ELEVENTH DOCTOR. AMELIA.
  • I also got such a surprise when the Wi-fi password was "RYCBAR23 = run you clever boy and remember 23" I was like Oh My Gallifrey, Doctor go and find her now!
  •  That scene in the TARDIS was hilarious. This episode was so flirty and it was so cute the way the Doctor got embarrassed when she said that. But Doctor, you are married! 
  • In Clara's book, she marked it with her age every year, apart from one. It seems like she is missing a year of her life... could this have anything to do with the mystery villain or the fact she keeps reappearing throughout time? I could see it on the Doctors face that he noticed this was also odd.. 
  • This mystery villain is very odd. I knew the cybermen were going to be making a return, so I thought it might be them behind it. But it was actually this guy:
At first I was lost. I'd been waiting the entire episode to find out who this "special client" was and I didn't have the faintest idea who he was... then when I thought about it, he did look a little familiar..

A.K.A That evil guy from the Christmas special... he was the villain in an episode with Clara, and he reappears again in another Clara episode... Coincidence or not? 
  • Another thing I loved was the adorable-ness of the Doctor in this episode ; from kissing Clara's forehead, tucking her into bed with a teddy and leaving water,flowers in a vase and a plate full of Jammy Dodgers on her beside table to having a special box for his Bow Tie. 
  • While looking up some stuff about Doctor Who, I stumbled upon the theory that Clara could be the girl from the "Silence In The Library". In that episode people became faces with out bodies, while in this episode people became bodies without faces...Coincidence?
  • Another Theory is that  she is the Face Of Boes daughter. In one episode, the one where they go to the Tv station planet, it says on the news channel that the Face of Boe has had a Boeina- indicating a female child. Could this be Clara? Is this the reason behind her living through time?
  • I also thought that the actress playing the girl from the cover of Summer Falls looked a lot like the girl that played the younger, child version of Amy Pond. 
  • That's it I think. I'm really looking forward to the next episode. In the poster, Clara is holding the leaf, just like the one from the book....I'm so curious to find out the meaning behind the leaf, the missing year and her in general! Can't wait until next week!

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