Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Tv Recap: The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale

Guys, **Warning: This will 100% contain Spoilers, Do not read if you have not watched!**

  • The episode started off a little slow, they were all gearing up and moving out of the Prison for their battle against the governor . 
  • Carls attitude kind of annoyed me at the beginning. Yeah he was mad, maybe he had a right to be mad, but I mean Carl, either get mad and stop acting like a baby or suck it up for now- kay?
  • I was really surprised at how well normal Daryl was . Considering what happened in the last episode with Merle, that scene broke my heart into tiny little pieces, he was pretty much his usual self. Oh it did not get by me, the bit when Carol helped Daryl up and for that brief moment they were smiling together and holding hands. I really need them together.
  • I really thought the Govenor was going to go crazy when Milton said "What would Penny think of you now?" but the Governor is past even having remorse for his daughter now. He is on the one way shuttle to crazy town. 
  • Then when he stabbed Milton and left him there to eat Andrea, I was shocked. I mean, he cared about Milton deeply once upon a time and I was really shocked at how far gone he was into insanity. 
  • Then I was really happy when Milton told Andrea that the pliers were just behind her. This should be easy, reach behind, get pliers, get out and put Milton out of misery....but no. Andrea had to struggle for ages to get the pliers, then she had to take her shoes off, stop for conversation with Milton about 600 times and then freakin' DROP the pliers. I was like Andrea, please .... just pick them up, then she dropped them, I mean seriously.
  • I really wanted Andrea to get out of there because I ship Andrea & Michonne (Michandrea) so hard !
  • Then my jaw dropped when the Governor actually attacked and killed, like 9/10 of Woodbury. I mean what? He worked so hard and I actually think he might be gone crazy. Then when that one woman, Karen I think her name was, when she hid under the dead body- I was so scared he was going to find her! 
  • Tyreese and Sasha. I really, really like them. At first I thought Tyreese was a threat, but underneath the muscle, and tattoos and more muscle- he is really a sensitive and caring guy. I was really sorry he and Rick got off on the wrong foot because I think he , and I hope he will be in the next season, a great ally for Rick. His sister is a dab hand with a gun so she could be of use too.
  • When they went down to the basement place and they seen Milton dead- well proper dead now- I knew I was going to need to brace myself... Then when I seen Andrea's hand in the corner of the shot, the tears began! 
  • When Michonne shouted "Andrea!" and immediately ran to her side to be with her, I was full on crying. Michonne really loved Andrea- it was obvious in this scene. I know Andrea has gotten Rick an his group into a whole lot of crap but you have to understand what Andrea meant when she said she didn't want anyone to die. For her, everyone she got close to died. Her sister Amy- died, her friend and father-figure Dale- died and the guy she was falling in love with, Shane- died. Andrea's life has been surrounded by death, You can understand that after being in Woodbury for so long and bonding with the people there, she didn't want to see them hurt. She didn't want to be connected to death anymore.

  • In this scene, when Andrea was slowly accepting death and Michonne was such a good friend to her. I could really see the love that Michonne had for her. It wasn't just the obvious things like the crying, it was the more subtle things like, gently brushing Andreas face and hair with her thumb and staying with her the entire time, not leaving her side-- until death parted them. Usually when people asked what my favourite couple was in the show, and I would say Michonne and Andrea, I would get weird looks and people saying that Andrea is not gay - she had sex with Shane. But love is not the same as lust. What she had with Shane was fleeting. With Michonne it was real, it was friendship and love- maybe love for each other in a friend way but maybe more. 
  • I really seen the strength of Michonne in this episode, staying with Andrea the entire time, in private while the others waited outside the door.

  • The ending of the show left it a little ambiguous as to whether the show would return (it is thankfully!). I was a little disappointed the Governor issue was not resolved but I've plenty to look forward to in season 4. 
  • Also is anyone else a little scared of Carl...I mean he just shot that guy, and yeah, maybe that guy was going to shoot them but at least give him a chance. Carl is kind of turning out to be a cold-hearted child. Let's hope he doesn't turn out like the Governor, but I've a feeling that if he doesn't snap out of it soon, he very well may...

The governor still creeps me out.... Can't wait for Season 4 in October. Hope the Governor gets what he deserves! 
Let me know your opinions on the episode? Did it meet your expectations, were you pleased or disappointed? Have you read the comics? Comment below- I love reading them! 

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