Friday, 20 September 2013

American Horror Story (2.09) "The Coat Hanger"

Dylan Mc Dermott, from season 1 who played Ben, was in this episode. I loved his cameo infinitely. I think his part in the episode, although small, really added to the dramatic effect for the viewer. We had seen "Bloody Face"'s child before Lana even knew she was pregnant. We got to see how unstable and evil he is in the future. Also, a little ironic that he played a crap psychiatrist in season 1 and in season 2 has to be a patient to a psychiatrist. 

I really hated Sister Mary Eunice in this episode. The way she gave Lana the news that she was pregnant was such a condescending and horrible way. As if Lana didn't feel bad enough already! Then I also disliked her when she was turning, or trying to turn, the Monsignor away from feeling sorry for or being nice to Sister Jude. Then when she encountered Lana in the hallway and pretended not to know anything about Thredson's disappearance. Also it was so creepy that she made Lana pregnant again and predicted the child would be a boy.I'm interested to see where her character will go and if the "real" Sister Jude will become exorcised. 

I have a weird mix of feelings about Thredson. I totally loathe him for what a horrible person he is and all his horrible murderous acts, and on the other side, a little side, I feel sorry for him. He was never raised by a loving person and always beaten and de-sensitised in his orphanage. Also when he got so upset that Lana had terminated her pregnancy , you could see his real emotion coming through... I don't know how to feel about him. 

When we'd seen he had escaped though, I was like this: 

I am sure he will try to hurt Lana, maybe more indirectly than we think, but I am sure there will be revenge. 

I liked the way the aliens made an appearance in this episode. Dr. Arden's fascination with them made the episode a little more interesting. He wasn't as evil as usual, more curious and eager to learn. He was very clever to figure out that Kit was at the centre of the aliens visits. I am so excited to see the aliens as there footprints make me think they are tall and reptilian looking. I am a little frightened to see what happens to Kit, will Dr. Arden kill him? Will he cage him for alien experimentation? Will the aliens take Kit with them?

Another thing in the episode I liked was seeing Sister Jude as a patient. Seeing the rest of the staff lie to the police in order to frame her was sad. I know Sister Jude could be a horrible person and bend the rules in order to fulfil her sadistic punishments but she is still a weak and vulnerable woman. I was so frightened that the Monsignor brought the creepy "Santa" guy into the room but it wasn't too bad. Also Jude's relationship with Lana could be on the mend, I can see them as being allies. When Sister Jude smashed the record, it was such a vivid display of her not giving in to what the others wanted. 

The ending of the episode was top notch. I am so glad I'm not watching this at the time it was released, as it was a mid season finale. The season has not been very good for me, I loved the first season but have felt season 2 to have been lacking in something from the beginning. After this episode, I think I can see the episode's quality increasing. The re-introduction of Grace was shocking. I still wish it could have been Alma. Grace was so heavily pregnant and I cannot wait to see what emerges from her and what ripples this has within Briarcliff. Also the end with Monsignor and the "angel of death" / "The Woman", played by Frances Conroy from Season 1, was very good at the end. She is a fantastic actress and I loved her role this season.

 I am so excited for the next episode- Episode 10 "The Name Game".

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