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Review: Resist (#2) by Sarah Crossan

|Series: 2nd & final book | Publisher: Bloomsbury | Pages: 300 | Source: Netgalley | Format: e-copy for review |  Publication Date: October 10 2013 | 

The sequel—and conclusion—to Sarah Crossan's Breathe. Three teen outlaws must survive on their own in a world without air, exiled outside the glass dome that protects what's left of human civilization. Gripping action, provocative ideas, and shocking revelations in a dystopian novel that fans of Patrick Ness and Veronica Roth will devour.

Bea, Alina, and Quinn are on the run. They started a rebellion and were thrown out of the pod, the only place where there's enough oxygen to breathe. Bea has lost her family. Alina has lost her home. And Quinn has lost his privileged life. Can they survive in the perilous Outlands? Can they finish the revolution they began? Especially when a young operative from the pod's Special Forces is sent after them. Their only chance is to stand together, even when terrible circumstances force them apart. When the future of human society is in danger, these four teens must decide where their allegiances lie. Sarah Crossan has created a dangerous, and shattered society in this wrenching, thought-provoking, and unforgettable post-apocalyptic novel.

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I was very happy to receive this book for review from NetGalley, thank you to Netgalley and Bloomsbury for sending me this copy. This is the first book I've read off Netgalley and it was quite the experience, but I suppose that's another topic for another video. 

The book kicked off where we left off in Breathe, see review here , and went off with a bang. The government of Pod are on a rampage to find and contain the rebels and Bea, Quinn and Alina. I thought the books pacing was good, the beginning hooked me in as I was very eager to see how the book continued from the events of Breathe. Although the book got a little slow in the middle and the ending was not as fast paced as the beginning. The events of the book, even the action scenes, were written with not enough descriptive writing for me as I felt distant from the situations. 

The character of the book were good. I think that Maude , Bea and Alina were my favourites. The relationship seen between Maude and Bea was so lovely in the first book. Their bond really reversed the mother-daughter one we would expect as we see Bea protecting Maude who is much older. Now the trio- Alina, Bea, Quinn, were separated it was interesting seeing Alina try and interact with Maude. Quinn is my least favourite character. For some reason I could never connect with him in this series. I find him to be selfish, odd and have no appealing qualities whatever. He seems a very typical and bland character. Bea was a good character in this book. I liked seeing her character become stronger and more self aware. Her character development and arc was the most interesting. I also liked the introduction of Ronan. His character gave a new dynamic to the story. 

The plot of the book was good, although I felt myself reading for the characters. The plot revolved around the threat from the government and those against the government- the rebels. I liked the introduction of the new Resistance group but felt it fell a little flat. The new element of danger they encountered was something they didn't know what to do with. I also liked how this changed dynamics within the group There were dangers and twists and turns but I felt that the plot could be a little predictable. Crossan laid out a good plot, and although I thought it could have been executed a little better in places, I did enjoy it. 

The writing style of the book was good. Sarah Crossan has a blunt and straight to the point writing style, especially in action scenes, which may turn off some readers. Although I did not like this writing style I did like that she could pepper these moments with a poetic sentence or a funny dialogue. She has created a good dystopian world and a good trio. The addition of black title pages also adds a little bit extra to the novel. There were some things I'd hoped to happen, that didn't, but that's the authors decisions. 

Overall, this sequel packs a punch but did not hook me. If you liked Breathe, or Under The Dome by Stephen King, give this book a shot. 


Fours Stars 

*   *    *    * 

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