Saturday, 28 September 2013

Wolfblood Season 2 Ep 5 "Ancient Grudge"

I was so sad to miss the episode on Monday, so I had to watch the catch up on Saturday. 

Awh it was cute to see how much Jana missed her dad, Alraic. I got a fright when he jumped down. It made me a little suspicious of Jana. She had been given a job to bring Rhydian back- Shocker! I knew there was something off about her. 

So cute when Maddy was jealous that Jana called Rhydian over to the changing room. Her reaction when Tom suggested Rhydian and Jana fancied each other. 

I didn't understand why Rhydian wouldn't tell Maddy about what Jana had suggested. 

I thought it was weird the way Shannon was obsessed with the potion Jana had given her since she was so against Wolfbloods before. The way she kept on about it was terribly annoying....imagine if she did in fact become a wolfblood?! 

Is Shannon becoming "old Shannon" again? The one that was obsessed with wolfbloods? I knew from the moment she stepped into her caravan that it was a terrible idea. It was nice of Jana to protect Shannon. 

Maddy was so Nice to suggest helping tom with judo. 

Jana was very sneaky suggesting that Rhydian should return to protect Shannon, tom and Maddy's pack. I thought it was so funny that they were reading Romeo & Juliet which was so alike there current situation. 
The high five between Tom & Shannon was the cutest!

N'aww when thy were eating in Bernie's and rhydian had his arm around Maddy's chair and he was whispering in her ear. 

I was so scared when Maddy was up against Alraic . She was quick with the comebacks! I was glad Tom and Shannon released Rhydian from the net. It was so sad when Jana betrayed her father and he knew he was going to be cast out of the pack or killed. My heart broke when he said "You're no daughter of mine", it was nice that all the friends gathered around Jana in a hug when she was crying. 
"Be Fabulous Jimi" haha the Three Kays are awesome. I loved that Tom was able to take down Jimi. 

I was shocked when I'd seen Maddy's parents had packed Rhydians stuff and told him he was moving back in with his parents. 

The next episode looks amazing! 

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