Saturday, 28 September 2013

Wolfblood Season 2 Episode 6 "The Mottled Pappy"

This episode was so good. 

It was revealed Social Services had called Rhydian back to live with his foster parents, so not entirely Maddys parents fault. 

Aw the little kiss Maddy texted Rhydian was cute. I loved the way he kept the photos Maddys parents gave him. Cute the way Jana threw stones at Rhydians window to call him out. The way they were playing at the stream like cubs! Poor Rhydians mobile. 

The people that worked in the shop were weird and the way the poppy changed colour...I'm guessing it signals the presence of a Wolfblood. I'm also guessing the shop people ruined their car. So funny the way Maddy's parents made jokes about Rhydian being Maddy's boyfriend. 

It was really cute the way Jana wanted to show rhydian all her favourite places. It was sad that Jana told Rhydian the truth but I do hope he forgives her. It was sad when she said she chose Rhydian that she chose him over her family. I really didn't think Rhydian should show Jana the den, how did he even get in ?

I liked how Shannon was suspicious of the people and their house from the beginning. All their creepy artillery and anti-wolfblood fire was sinister.  The dead wolfblood rug was horrible. The secret doorways was way too creepy.

Oh when Maddy found Shannon's videos...Maddy and her mum got so angry. Then when she started freaking out because she feels like she can't trust anyone , I felt  bad for her.  When Tom found Maddy's fathers body and then the creepy shop man was behind him. Shannon was clever to pretend she was a hunter to gain their trust. 

So frightening that they realised they were running to the car and the shop people knew. I was so glad that gun was too old to work properly. 

I can see a definite rift forming between Shannon and Maddy. Jana saying she would be the third Kay was so funny. 

The next episode looks amazing! Catch it Monday at 5pm. 

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