Sunday, 13 October 2013

TV Review: Wolfblood Season 2 Ep. 10 "Fall of The Wild" (2.10)

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I really enjoyed this episode. I think the writers have really listened to what the fans want and have included a lot more "mundane" episodes this season. 

This episode features the wolfblood gang- Maddy, Rhydian Jana- and Shannon ,Tom and the rest of their class going on a school camping trip. 

I liked the way they were free in the wild, but also constantly on the cautious side because of their wolfblood secret. 

I also liked this episode because we got to see more of Tom's new friendship with Jimi and the other boys. I felt that this relationship had come out of nowhere but I kind of see where it is now. 

Jimi has really shown some character development as he doesn't seem to care about Liam's theory about werewolves and would rather do what everyone else is doing. He was also a really good friend to Tom, asking him about his dyslexia and taking over the map for him and not making a big deal over it. 

I also really liked the way we get to see more of Jana's contribution to the group as she help them navigate the wood. We also see more of her growing friendship with Shannon. I  really like her friendship with Shannon. 

I thought it was really weird that Maddy would want to go to the werewolf den...I really couldn't see her reasons for not wanting to go. What if there was a Wolfblood in there? What would she do then? She also was really stupid and kept making "hypothetical" scenarios about her being a werewolf to Liam. I can she why she wanted to see in his journal but I think she should have left him to find it on his won as he may not have even found it . 

Rhydian was great int he episode. He really showed how much he cares for Maddy as he tried to discourage her from going with Liam to find the den. He knew it was wrong but he went with them to keep an eye out for  Maddy. He would do anything for her. 

He was also really good with Jana and Tom and Shannon. He likes to be friends with them all. 

Also just have to say that this was one of my favourite parts between Tom & Shannon . I don't ship them romantically but their friendship is great. 

The ending of the episode was amazing. Liam now suspects Maddy is the werewolf...what consequences will this have for the Wolfbloods? How will Maddy dodge his questions? And will he find out the truth? I also have a feeling that the doctor that tried to take Maddys blood will return. Will she and Liam work together to expose Maddy's secret? 

Next Episode: Monday , CBBC, 5pm . 

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