Saturday, 12 October 2013

Review: Wolfblood Season 2 Episode 9 (2. 09) "Dances With Wolfbloods"

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I think that I can honestly say that this episode was my favourite of the season so far. 

1st reason I loved it : The mundane setting. I really loved how everything was normal and the episode didn't focus on the supernatural aspects of the show as much. 

They spent a lot of time focusing more on Shannons character and the school setting rather than the Wolfbloods powers. I really enjoyed the way the episode was because I sometimes feel that it is good when a series breaks up its heavy action episodes with one a little more light hearted. 

Louisa Burnham ( Twitter ) is just an amazing actress who really has captured Shannon is such a way that she makes Shannon feel so real. In this episode, I really liked that the show focused on her . After the events of the previous episode, Shannon is depressed and feels that without her research on the beast, her life has lost its previous meaning. 

Then the boy, Adam, from the episode of the concert, returns. He finds Shannon on her own and asks her to sing with him and to go tot the dance with her. I really liked the Shannon we got to see here. She was instantly happy and she was able to sing and let some of herself shine through around him. I was also really happy that he treats her so nice and they are an adorable couple. 

The Kays in this episode were very mean. They were funny at the beginning of the episode, with Katrina singing "D-I-S-K-O" instead of DISCO. But as the episode progressed I began to see why no one, apart from themselves , really does want tot be their friends. It was horrible seeing them maniulate Shannons feelings like that and using Jana as a pawn. I really disliked them. 

Also, anyone else notice that Jimi brought Kara to the dance ?! 

(Was anyone else a little disappointed he didn't ask Jana ?)

I loved the interactions between Maddy & Rhydian in this episode . They are so adorable together, and if they do not kiss soon I will be devastated. In the beginning when Maddy was sleeping with her head on Rhydians shoulder, that was adorable. Also when she was upset because she'd annoyed Shannon, he was the first person she called. It was also kind of cute the way he was talking to her and lying down in bed. Also he agreed to go to the dance with her almost immediately, even though he was tired because it was a non moon day. I really ship  them. 
I loved Jana in this episode. She was actually so pretty when the Kays gave her a makeover, she looked like a different person ! I really liked her character in this episode, as although she still finds the ways of humans and their relationships strange, she knew that she would have to tell Shannon what the kays were saying because she cares about her. I think that Shannon & Jana's relationship may be growing. Also wasn't it cute at the end when Tom put his arm around Jana ?! Tom was great in this episode, a little character development went a long way as I feel like we haven't seen much from him lately. 

The next episode, which is on Tuesdays at 5pm, looks amazing. Can't wait to learn more about Jimi's friend with a Wolfblood hunting ancestor. Also the return of the doctor who tried to take Maddy's blood?

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